Today I want to show you guys a dapper look to keep the gentleman style going even during the warmer seasons.

White Button-Down Shirt

As summer tends to have the sunshine shining a bit harder I like to keep my button-down to white. By keeping it a white color it reflects the sunlight back and leaves myself cooler than if I were to wear a darker color button-down.

This one I found at ZARA and it had the added benefit of containing a bit of stretch in the shirt. The stretch made it super comfortable, especially around the neck. Also, it was a slim tailor fit so the stretch made it easy to wear while still showcasing my physique underneath.

Cropped Trousers

I'm a big fan of cropped trousers during the summer. It's a classier look than shorts while keeping the appeal of slacks with a hint of summer style. These I found on ASOS and are available in a multitude of colors like navy, grey, burgundy, and black.

Leather Shoes

I've found the best leather shoes from MAGNANNI. These shoes are beyond amazing quality! Magnanni shoes are handmade and you can see their craftsmanship in every pair. The pair I'm wearing are called the Louie and will add that extra 'something' to your entire outfit. The shoes are priced at $435 and are worth every penny.


With this outfit I added some accessories in the form of sunglasses from GENTLE MONSTER, a tie from DMODE, a tie clip from ASOS, and a ring from TOPMAN.

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