Accentuating the male form!

If you're wanting to add a bit of lift and support to your underwear then look no further than D.HEDRAL'S GIGOLO JOE II COLLECTION. This underwear features their patented 'Anglefit technology' that enables the underwear to nestle closer to your body than any other pair. It feels like a silky second skin. The end result will enhance your natural form and accentuate your features.

The collection is available in brief and trunk styles. Each underwear comes in either a solid black or navy color and bears D.Hedral's sporty thermotape accents that come in a multitude of colors such as red, gold, blue, and white.

One of the best features is that the fabric stretches horizontally, not vertically, allowing for an easier contouring of your bum. The thermotape Y on the rear emphasizes the enhanced silhouette created by the Anglefit technology.

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D.Hedral Gigolo Joe II Brief Retail: $52, £33, €42

D.Hedral Gigolo Joe II Trunk Retail: $54, £35, €44

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