An idyllic and chic restaurant located on Pampelonne Beach.

Tropicana La Plage is a must-stop restaurant for anyone looking for a tasteful meal right on the beach. The vibe is chill and informal with most people wearing their sophisticated beach attire.

The restaurant's menu is infused with the stylish and simplicity of the regional flavors of the south of France. Chief Eric Santalucia trained at the Alain Ducasse Cooking School and only chooses the best regional produce for his food. Tropicana La Plage specializes in authentic Provencale cuisine and is famous for their trademark regional dessert, la tarte tropézienne.

The quality of the food is perfect. All the seafood is prepared fresh as if it was pulled immediately from the sea. FYI, it is. But fear not if you aren't a seafood fan because the menu offers plenty of options for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike such as a steaks and pastas.

I chose to go with a starter of devilled eggs so I could pack on the protein while not getting too full since I was planning on going to the beach immediately after. One of the favorite reasons why I love Tropicana is that they offer beds right along the beach, away from the crowd, for customers to relax on and continue enjoying drinks. You'll definitely want to order a bottle of rosé wine.

The devilled eggs was much larger than I had anticipated for a starter. But who am I to complain for a generous portion? The presentation was simple and clean with an emphasis on the huge portion of cheese on top of the devilled eggs.

The taste was a superb balance of cheese and mayonnaise that left my taste buds tickled and my belly full. Mix that in with the soft texture of the eggs and I was very happy and a completely stuffed customer.

Again, since I knew I was off to the beach I decided to split la tarte tropézienne with a friend. This decadent piece of cake, stuffed with brioche, is mandatory if you visit the south of France. This fluffy pastry topped with sprinkled sugar is an immaculate combination of sugar, cake, and buttery goodness. It cannot be missed.

The ambiance in Tropicana allows customer to feel at home. They have a live band playing light jazz music that soothes you into your glass of rosé. Customers are allowed to feel at home and enjoy their meal without feeling hassled or rushed.

If you're looking for an excellent beach lunch and experience that feels personal then make sure to visit Tropicana La Plage at Pampelonne Beach. This is how the beach should be experienced.

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