This creamy and delicious protein powder will turn you into an organic whey protein lover in seconds.

The Organic Protein Company was founded in 2014 because of the glaring omission of organic protein powders available in the market. They've always cared about animal welfare and with living standards for cows and other farm animals being the highest under organic farming – the decision was simple. Go organic.

Their Organic Whey Protein is created by filtering and drying grass fed organic whey, resulting in a luscious neutral taste and high protein content. This velvety powder goes perfect mixed in with water or milk.

Personally, I was ready to drop my normal protein powders from supplement stores because I knew they were filled with preservatives and chemicals that I couldn't even pronounce. I usually have between one or two protein shakes a day and I hated drinking all those chemicals. I knew I wanted a change and it wasn't until I stumbled upon The Organic Protein Company that I knew I found what I was looking for.

By switching to organic whey protein I have peace of mind knowing that I'm cutting out unnecessary chemicals and additives while maintaining a superior quality in protein. The taste is delightful and mixes easy. Additionally, the added benefit of knowing that the animals are treated humanely and given the upmost care made me even happier.

The Organic Protein Company has the best customer service too. Their response time is extraordinarily fast and friendly. I love the fact that each order comes with a personal note of thanks from them. They truly care about their customers and love to hear feedback.

If you're ready to make the healthy switch to organic whey protein then click here. Want a discount? Then make sure to use the code DCAL5 for an instant discount. Here's to another step in the right direction.

Photos courtesy of @DriftingDCal and The Organic Protein Company.

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