Monaco is a country of extravagant spectacle compacted with high-rise buildings everywhere you look.

Monaco overlooks the crystal blue water of the Mediterranean and is known for its wealth and glamor. With its own royal family and money pouring out of every crevice it's no wonder that the most wealthiest of people flock here. Although, that might have to do with the incredible low tax rates.

Fun fact, one in every three people in Monaco are millionaires. But fear not, you don't have to be a millionaire to enjoy Monaco. Check out our travel tips below so that you can get the most out of Monaco without spending a ridiculous amount of cash.

Visit the Prince's Palace of Monaco

Currently, the palace is home to Prince Albert II. If you visit during the summer you'll be able to wander through the state rooms of the palace. The palace courtyard is the backdrop for open-air concerts performed by the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Besides being popular tourist attraction the palace is still the headquarters and current residence of the Prince of Monaco. Be sure to visit before midday to witness the changing of the guards.

Monte-Carlo Harbor

Take a stroll along the Monte-Carlo Harbor and see a prime example of the wealth this country holds. The number of excessive yachts ranging from chic small to garishly large will leave you wanting to buy your own.

Pop into any of the cafés or bars, grab a seat, and enjoy the sun and people watching.

The Private Collection of Antique Cars of Prince Rainier III

Even if you're not a fan a cars this exquisite collection will leave you stunned. This is the personal car collection of Prince Rainier III of Monaco (1923-2005) and contains almost one hundred classic cars from Europe and the United States.

Keep an eye out for the Bugatti Type 35 which won the inaugural Monaco Grande Prix in 1929!

Visit the Japanese Garden

This lovely Japanese Garden was designed by Yasuo Beppu. It features a stylized mountain, hill, waterfall, beach, brook, tea house, and even a Zen garden for meditation. It's open daily from 9am to sunset.

Monte-Carlo Casino and Casino Square

Take notice of all the fancy and ostentatious cars parked outside the casino. That's should let you know that if you want to get in you will have to shell out some money. Truly, a casino for the wealthiest individuals out there. But visitors can still pop into the casino to have a look and eat at the restaurants inside.

Be aware that the Monte-Carlo enforces a strict dress code. Casual summer shirts and shorts are not allowed. Click here to find out all the information if you're ready to get your gambling on.

The Monte-Carlo is smack in the middle of Casino Square. In this square you will find an array of cafés, restaurants, and high-end shopping to fill in the rest of your day.

All together, Monaco is a beautiful day trip to take. You need only a day in Monaco to see everything that this small country has to offer. But, if you have the money to spend on the lavish restaurants and shopping then a couple of days won't hurt you. It'll just hurt your wallet.

Images courtesy of @DriftingDCal, Pixabay, and Wikipedia.

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