Finally after many, many years of delays it's here (almost)!


After all these years of waiting and the many (many, many) delays I had lost all hope. But once again Eurostar has announced a launch date for their direct London to Amsterdam route. The service is to commence right before the Easter holiday 2018 so that the London Dutchies can enjoy Pasen (Passover) at home without ever setting foot in another Easyjet. Hurrah! But be warned, this is Eurostars fourth announcement and each time the route has been delayed. So I'm remaining sceptical for now.

Once the service is actually up and running the total time from London to Amsterdam will be three hours and fifty minutes. Yes, the service will run directly from London to Amsterdam making small stops at Antwerp and Rotterdam. However, due to UK Border Control it cannot do so in reverse and there will be an extra thirty minutes added to your return journey. There will be a hop off, hop on section at Brussels or Lille where you have to go through border control and baggage security before continuing on your journey.

The good news is that the route will run with the new E320 trains that have been active on the Paris route for the last two years and have only just started on the Brussels route. The "new" trains come with onboard Wifi and an onboard entertainment system that can be accessed through your smart phone/ tablet or laptop.

E320 train at St Pancras Station

I'm super excited for all this as I'm a regular on the London to Brussels route with my final destination being Antwerp. Once the direct route starts I'll never have to get off at dirty Brussels ever again! No more having to jump over rubbish and wait outside in the cold as I'm waiting for my next train to pretty Antwerp Central.

Antwerp Central Station

I can't get too excited as I've been waiting for this for five years since their first announcement. I also can't help but wonder what will happen when Brexit comes in full force in 2019. Ugh, Brexit ruins everything!

What do you guys think? Will the route finally start Easter 2018 and will this route, or any route, be affected by Brexit come 2019?

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