The Underwear Expert's wide selection of men's underwear will make shopping for new underwear as simple as just opening your mailbox. We even have a special discount code for you to use!

Shopping for underwear has just becoming increasingly easier for men. The Underwear Expert ask customers to tell them about their preferred underwear style by taking a quick and simple survey. Whether you like flashy briefs or more down to earth trunks The Underwear Expert has them all – and from top underwear brands such as Diesel and Marcuse.

After customers take the survey they're able to choose how often and how many underwear they'd like per month. They can choose to have one to three pairs of underwear delivered every one, two, or three months.

Finally, customers are giving two choices. The first option, they can choose to be surprised by the underwear they received which will be aligned to their specific underwear preferences based on their survey. The second option, they can take a proactive approach and choose the specific pairs they'd like to receive. It's that easy.

Now men will get a constant stream of new underwear delivered right to their door. Check out The Underwear Expert and use the discount code DCAL to get 55% off your first month's order.

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