Seven sisters in a one-child policy world.

So yesterday we were sitting on the sofa with nothing to watch. Our favorite TV shows were still on summer break and we already binged through season seven of Game of Thrones (sooo goooooood). After looking around on Netflix for thirty minutes I realized I wasn't in the mood to start a whole new TV show. Instead, I decided on a movie. Enter What Happened to Monday!

What Happened to Monday is a Netflix Original movie directed by Tommy Wirkola and is set in a dystopian future of 2074 with a very aggressive one child policy. There are absolutely no siblings allowed and any second borns are confiscated and put into 'cryosleep' by the Child Allocation Bureau, which is run by the ruthless Nicolette Cayman (Glenn Close).

This is a massive problem for the seven identical sisters which the film is based around. They have to live their entire existence in hiding for fear of being discovered (all sisters are named after a day of the week and masterfully portrayed by Noomi Rapace).

The sisters manage to survive until adulthood by assuming the single identity of Karen Settman on a particular day of the week corresponding to their name. But one day Monday doesn't come home from work and the story unravels.

The movie was a fun surprise as I knew nothing about it before watching. It's a fast paced sci-fi thriller that has you on the edge of your seat for most of the 123 minutes run time. The best part of the movie is the character exploration of the seven sisters who all have very different personalities and are forced to live together for six days of the week in a tiny apartment. I have to give a huge compliment to the acting skills of Noomi Rapace for managing to give each sister her own identity with depth and unique character traits.

During the story we get flashbacks to how the sisters grew up with their grandfather (Willem Dafoe) who orchestrated the joint identity of Karen Settman. By being confined to one identity all the sisters have to look, act and think the same in order to not raise suspicions.

This is emphasised when one of the sisters (Thursday) sneaks out of the apartment as a child and comes back injured with a severed finger. This leads to their grandfather having to make sure the remaining six sisters look identical which leads him to cut get the idea.

In the present, when Monday goes missing all the sisters have to use their unique abilities to combat the Child Allocation Bureau with some excellently grueling fight scenes.

The movie strikes at your core as it portrays a real possible future for our planet. We all know that overpopulation is going to cause a massive problem 30 to 50 years down the line and What Happened To Monday is just one portrayal of how a government could react in such a crisis.

China already enforces a one child policy (technically couples need to get government approval to have a second child). So it's not a farfetched idea.

All together, What Happened to Monday is a real fun ride that leaves you with much to think about once it ends and that's how I like my movies.

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