Be an urban gardener while traveling!

I love plants and traveling every few weeks made me very hesitant to own any as they require constant care. Every time I went away I came home to a shrivelled brown mess which made my return much less enjoyable. Even though cactuses and succulents are great, they don't give you that bushy bohemian feel or the air purifying powers that comes with most houseplants.

But this year, I found some great new solutions on the market that allow me to travel and have plants dotted around the apartment without having to worry they will go thirsty. So I'm sharing my top three solutions for the globetrotting plant lover.

Boskke Cube: Stylish Self Watering Planter

I found the Boskke cube at a design fair in London earlier this year and it's hands down the most stylish planter on the market. The cube is completely see through which means you can admire not only the plant but also the root system underneath. The cubes are equipped with what is called "Slo-Flo" so that you only have top up the water reservoir once every month. I've tested the cube with my medium parlour palm for the last six months and it's still in excellent condition. I've now expanded my collection and bought five more.

The company offers three different sizes and the only negative thing is that they cater to the smaller side of the market. Their biggest size currently is 16 centimetres (6.3 inches). I'd love to see some bigger sizes in the future.

Get it here: Boskke Website

Lechuza: Self Watering Planters

What Bosske lacks in variety, Lechuza more then makes up for it. The German company seems to be the current market powerhouse when it comes to self-watering planters. They offer any size, shape, or color and claim you can go 12 weeks without watering using the Lechuza sub-irrigation system. I currently have two Lechuza planters with a snake plant and devil's ivy and they seem to be doing well, for the moment. The planters come with a handy water level indicator to let you know when the water reservoir is empty and needs a refill.

Another handy fact is that Lechuza offers self-watering planters for outside the house too which means you can now get that beautiful jade bush you have always wanted.

Get it here: Lechuza Website

Click and Grow: Self Watering Herb Garden

Click and Grow started as a crowd funding project that can now be found in many large department stores and Amazon. The idea of Click and Grow is that you can grow your own herbs and plants without the need for constant watering and sunlight. The Click and Grow planter will come with 3 capsules (in my case basil) and all you have to do is pop them in and fill the water reservoir and watch the magic unfold.

The great thing about Click and Grow is that they offer such variety in capsules that you can decide to grow common herbs like mint or thyme or go for more exotic Purple Chilli or Lavender. It's a lot of fun! More importantly, it tastes delicious with your home prepared meals and salads. They also offer a subscription service for their capsules so you never run out or forget to order a new batch while you are away.

Get it here: Click and Grow Website

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