Eyewear with a distinct vintage feel and contemporary twist.

Black Eyewear is the creation of optician and lifelong jazz devotee, Robert Roope. The collection is inspired by the eyewear worn by jazz musicians of the 1950s. The designs pay homage to the likes of Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, and John Coltrane.

Black Eyewear's collection consist of over one hundred models, each one individually embracing the one of a kind expressions of these artists. The wondrous color palette includes blonde, grey mottle, tiger brown, tiger pink, and vivid colors such as bright yellow, mint green, and turquoise.

All of their frames come with a wide variety of different colors to choose from ensuring each individual finds their perfect pair. Check out some of the epic new styles for men below!


This angled shape with a lower side joint is best to add a more angular look to a round face.


This thin round design will allow the style to fit lower alongside or just blew the brow line ensuring a balanced face shape.


The curving shape of this frame avoids any straight lines with the design made specifically to soften the sharper lines of angular and square face shapes.


Tracey's panto shape was immensely popular in American in the 50s. This heavy library frame is what you wear to demand attention. It's designed to fit the eye socket and enhance the natural lines of the face.


Fats is a larger sized version of the classic 50s square design. This is the frame for all the minimalist out there who prefer a more subtle frame.

Images courtesy of Black Eyewear.

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