Who said you can't enjoy a glass of wine while on a safari?!

If you're ready to add a bit of wilderness fun to your everyday wine tasting then Malibu Wine Safari is right up your alley. Visit Saddlerock Ranch and vineyard to explore 1,000 acres of pure wine drinking beauty. Each wine tasting is led by a trusty guide and driver team that will take you on an adventure in their custom-built open-air Safari vehicles.

As you make your way through your safari experience you'll make stops along the way to take in the lush scenery, taste their fantastic local wines, and get to meet their vast arrange of animals. You'll be surprised to find zebras, camels, alpacas, bison, and the famous Stanley the Giraffe all only 30 minutes from Los Angeles. This place is prime-picture-taking gold!

All their wines are locally sourced, ranging from Bisois to Zinfandel, and bring to life the flavors of the casual wine-making culture that is unique to the Santa Monica Mountains.

Most of the animals in Saddlerock Ranch come from successful careers in Hollywood - in particularly everyone's favorite Stanley the Giraffe. Only Malibu Wine Safari allows their visitors to experience their wine tasting while getting up close and personal to these lovely creatures. With their guides help visitors can give the animals a healthy handful of carrots or pellets for a one-of-a-kind wine tasting adventure.

Make sure to visit Malibu Wine Safari next time you're on the west coast. With their range of wines, amazing creatures, and photo opportunities in every corner this is one adventure you don't want to miss. Make sure to request Holly Allen as your guide! As one of their first guides her knowledge of the vineyard and rapport with their animals will ensure you have the best time ever.

Images courtesy of @Malibusafaris, @DriftingDCal, and @MissHollyAllen

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