Who will be the king of Christmas adverts this year?

Here in the U.K we don't celebrate Thanksgiving which means Christmas is already in full swing come November. It all kicks off with the highly anticipated holiday season adverts. Every year there's an unofficial competition to who can create the absolute best Christmas advert that will give you that warm fuzzy feeling.

You can compare this to the Super Bowl adds in the U.S as retailers go all out and spend ridiculous amounts of money to bag the absolute best talent. So this year we've put together a list of the eight best adverts in our British Christmas Advert Showdown!

8) Amazon - Give

This is Amazon's first time making a Christmas advert in the U.K and it's not at all bad. We see a bunch of singing boxes wiz through the Amazon factory as they're on their way to make someone happy this Christmas. It's not up there with the greatest but it's fun and enjoyable. It makes me excited to see what they will do next year.

7) Asda – The Imaginarium

Asda's adverts have never been very exciting but this year they really tried. A girl explores a quirky Christmas food making factory with her father. It's kind of a what a would happen when you mix Willy Wonka with Christmas.

6) Argos – Ready For Takeoff

A fun add by Argos where a desperate elf tries to make sure she delivers a stray gift. It doesn't really give you that Christmas feeling but it's a fun high speed chase adventure. Argos has spent quite a bit on this years advert and it certainly delivers.

5) Waitrose – Snowed In

So this add was voted by many to be this year's favorite but frankly I don't see it. It follows a group of strangers in a pub who get snowed in and are left with no electricity. They all cook a feast (with Waitrose products of course) and once the table is set and they're ready to eat they get rescued. I love shopping at Waitrose but sorry to say you didn't win Christmas for me this year.

4) Aldi – Kevin & Katie

Kevin the Carrot might be the most heroic and yet clumsy carrot I've ever known. Well done Aldi for although he might not have won number one this year his one-liner is officially the absolute funniest this Christmas.

3) M&S – Paddington & The Christmas Visitor

Last year M&S officially won the Christmas Advert Showdown for me with the epic tale of Mrs. Claus. This year they rely on the star power of Paddington the Bear to give you that Christmas feeling. While it's a great advert it is a little doughy for my taste but I guess I'm not Paddington's target audience.

2) John Lewis – Moz The Monster

The undisputed king of Christmas adverts is John Lewis. No other retailer manages to capture that ultimate Christmas feeling as much as them and this year John Lewis used the renowned director Michel Gondry to bring Moz the Monster to life. Hopefully Moz gives you that choked up feeling but it didn't do it for me. While its a great advert that entertains it just didn't touch me as much as the previous years like the epic Bear and The Hare or Monty the Penguin.

1) Debenhams – Cinderella

The winner of this year's showdown has it all! Debenhams charming version of a modern day Cinderella was officially the only advert that game me chills. It feels 'Christmassy,' it has a love story and uses Ewan McGregor as the narrator. The story of boy almost meets girl and loses her shoe has managed to capture audiences for centuries and this modern version with a social media twist certainly doesn't disappoint! Well done Debenhams you are this year's King of Christmas Adverts!

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