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The Dollar Shave Club is a US grooming brand that's dedicated to helping men live smarter and easier lives by delivering high-quality personal care products right to their door. Now residents in the UK will be able to join the club that's grown to huge success across the pond.

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Why join? For starters, the DSC razors are way less expensive than their competitors. Currently, it's 40% less expensive than the popular Gillette's Mach 3. To top it off you don't have to worry about replacing the blades...ever. For an exorbitantly small monthly fee, you'll have blades delivered straight to your door every month. So stop overpaying for your razors and stressing about having to go to the store for your manly needs.

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By signing up today with your email you'll receive £5 credit to use for your first purchase! But the fun doesn't stop there. For every friend you refer you'll get an additional £5 - up to a maximum of 10 signups! So click here to signup now!

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You can use your £5 to get your very own Daily Essential Starter Kit. This freaking awesome kit features the Executive razor that will leave your face so smooth everyone will be touching your face. Along with their very own Shave Butter that will have you tossing away that ridiculous shaving cream for their shave butter that helps soften the hairs for maximum glide.

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The Amber Lavender Body Cleanser will leave your skin hydrated with natural extracts without stripping the skin. But the most life-changing item is their new One Wipe Charlies.

Photo courtesy of The Dollar Shave Club

These minty-tingling wipes will make those trips to the bathroom a much more soothing experience for your bum. Luckily, they're biodegradable too. Both the body wash and One Wipe Charlies will be available late 2018. So start cleaning up and taking care of yourself like a real man. Sign up for the Dollar Shave Club today right here!

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