With all the winter holidays and the drop in temperatures it's hard to stay motivated and go to the gym but let's stop making excuses...

We get it – it gets super cold during winter. So cold that you never want to get out of your warm comfy bed and would rather stay under the sheets than to even think about hitting the gym. If you're like me then come winter it's a bit hard to find that motivation to focus on your fitness.

That's why I'm going to share with you some tips on how to keep your fitness spirit high during those colder winter months so that come summer your beach bod isn't too far away.

Warm Up Inside

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Before you go out and embrace the cold make sure to begin with some active stretching. The hardest part of staying motivated is just the getting up and starting. Get the blood flow to your muscles and before you know it you'll be ready to put on those cold-weather-layers and get going.

Embrace the Cold

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Why fight what you can't change? Instead of dreading your winter workouts embrace them fully. Wrap yourself up and conquer that workout. It's good to be in the outdoors instead of always being in the gym. Enjoy the fresh air.

Get a Workout Buddy

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Still need more motivation? Then get yourself a workout partner who won't let you flake out. By having a workout partner you can keep yourself motivated and have more fun during your workouts. You can't bail out now.

Try a New Workout

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Come winter change up your normal workout routine. Avoid boredom and take a fitness class you've never taken before. There are plenty of options available to choose from such as boxing, versa-climber, or a plethora of dance classes. The possibilities are endless and you can guarantee you'll enjoy yourself while keeping fit.

Buy New Gym Gear

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Dress for the part right? Buying some new gear can provide that extra push to get you outside and working out. Get some new running tights, thermals, and jackets to show off during those winter workouts.

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