Nights of Blissful Sleep!

There is nothing better than traveling the globe and coming home to your very own bed! However recently I've noticed that my bed isn't as comfy and I'm not sleeping as well. Seeing as the Sleep Council advices to change your mattress every 8 years I knew it was time to replace my 15 year old Auping mattress. A quick google and my mind was absolutely blown by the amount of choice for top quality mattresses that are now delivered straight to your door in a box!

Mattress in a Box

The "mattress in a box" is a whole new and convenient way to shop for your mattress. No more going from store to store, scheduling unfavourable delivery times and needing friends to stay at your place to help bring the thing in. Also due to cutting out the middle man these type of mattresses are much cheaper than the ones you find in store. But this also means you can't try the mattress before ordering and this is a little daunting. You rely 100 percent on online reviews and after researching many different company's we found our winner in the 5 star Casper Mattress!

Ordering was super easy and I didn't have to wait long as the box arrived the next day by UPS. Once in your house the best thing to do is bring the box to your bedroom and open it on your bed so all you have to do is slip out the vacuum packed mattress. Once in the proper place let the mattress fill with air for the next few hours before you sleep on it to make sure it gets enough volume. The mattress will have a slight plastic smell but this was gone after a few hours and did not bother us as we drifted into the best sleep later that day.


Casper is a mattress composed of 4 different layers to give you that ultimate comfort no matter your body composition. The layers all consist of different types of foam and it starts with an open-cell foam that uses convection and conduction to flow heat away from the body keeping your bed nice and cool. The second layer is the famous and proven memory foam which shapes to your body to prevent pressure points to give your body a restful sleep. The adaptive transition foam and durable support foam are the last two layers that create one of the most comfortable mattresses I've ever slept on! But don't just take my word for it as Casper gets 9.8/10 from The Good House Keeping Institute and is a Which? best buy product and also voted number one by The Independent for mattress choice.


If your thinking about getting a new mattress then head over to and order yours today! If you want to see some of our unpacking shenanigans watch the short Youtube video below for some fun.