New Year's Eve is around the corner and no matter where you are you should dress to impress!

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If you're going to get dressed for one event this year it'll most likely be New Year's Eve. Most people do various things such as house parties or galas but either way you should be dressing in your A-game. The benefit of New Year's Eve for men is that it opens the doors to plenty of style options most men wouldn't touch any other day of the year. Below we'll dive into some ideas to make sure you stand out this New Year's Eve.

Time to Shine

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Headed to a house party or a club? Then it's time to shine in some sequins. It takes a brave man to pull off wearing sequins but if you're going to do it then do it on New Year's Eve. Trust us - you won't be the only person shining that night. New Year's Eve in the night where glitter and everything shiny is popular and men shouldn't shy away from that. Try pairing these red sequin trousers with a black t-shirt or black button down shirt and black blazer and you'll pack just the right amount of punch in your New Year's outfit.

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If you've never worn sequins a day in your life then you can always start off small with only sequin accent pieces. This black blazer with a sequin lapel will still get the job done and have you fitting in perfectly with all the other wonderfully dressed people on New Year's Eve.

Soft to the Touch

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If your New Year's Eve plans are of the more formal variety then dress up in a sophisticated velvet blazer. Around this time you can find velvet blazers in a cascade of colors so it's up to you to pick how bold of a statement you'd like to make.

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Keep to your black or white dress shirts and tie so that you can make the blazer pop even more. For the true style brave individuals you can add a matching velvet tie or just wear an entire velvet suit. More on that below.

Suit Up

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For the utmost formal events, it's best to go completely suited up. You can wear a matching velvet suit to add that extra bit of flair. For super formal events, we would suggest keeping to dark color schemes when choosing a velvet suit such as the burgundy suit above. Also, a black velvet suit would be perfect on this occasion.

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Or you dazzle everyone at the party with a suit that makes a statement such as the suit above with its bronze accents. But if you're a traditionalist and like to stay within the classic style then you can never go wrong with a classic black suit.

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Although, a black suit on New Year's Eve is a bit too safe for our taste it's a classic style for a reason. Always remember that everyone looks good in formal wear and it's no different for men wearing a classic suit or tuxedo. Just makes sure you're wearing a suit that fits well and has been tailored to you specifically so that you can look your best on New Year's Eve.

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