Every formula is tried, tested, and tailored specifically for men.

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Since 1987, Lab Series has been creating high-performance products to keep men looking their best. They understand that most men nowadays are always on the go and have constructed their products to be fast, efficient, and effective by making them all-in-one formulas. Time is precious and they get it.

Photo courtesy of @labseries_uk

Lab Series features products from anti-aging to oil control; SPF to men's shaving; all-in-one multitaskers to concentrated solutions - they have it all. Their entire range is designed to help you look and feel your best. So we've gone and picked some of our favorites so you know which ones to try out.

Pro LS All-In-One Face Hyrdrating Gel

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This all-in-one hydrating gel is both lightweight and a quick-absorbing moisturizer. Instantaneously, the gel will draw in, retain, and lock in moisture to keep the face hydrated while providing an immediate cooling sensation. The added benefit is that this gel eliminates surface shine leaving the skin looking mattified. Perfect for individuals, like myself, who seems to always have oily skin.

Retail: £24.00, $30.00

Age Rescue+ Eye Therapy

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By unleashing the power of ginseng Lab Series is helping you save your skin from the visible effects of aging, stress, and fatigue. Age Rescue+ amplifies the skin's potential to recover faster by supporting the skin's natural collagen production. This eye treatment will help fight the look of wrinkles and fatigue while making the skin look younger and well rested.

Retail: £30.00, $40.00

Pro LS All-In-One Face Treatment

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If spending time on your grooming sounds like a chore then this is a must-have! This fast-absorbing formula combines four face care essentials. First, it immediate soothes irritation and redness. Second, it instantly moisturizes and helps replenish hydration throughout the day. Third, it diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Finally, it's incredible shine control helps absorb oil leaving your skin clean and less shiny. A must have indeed!

Retail: £37.00, $30.00

Future Rescue Repair Serum

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This serum is skin's first line of protection against visible aging. With its high-performance, anti-aging treatment your skin will be repaired instantly and for years to come. It defends against environmental aggressors, promotes natural cell removal, fortifies the skin's protective barrier, and works around the clock to promote the skin's natural repair process and collagen production.

Retail: £50.00, $60.00

Electric Shave Solution

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For all the men with facial hair, this solution creates the optimum surface for effortless electric shaving. The liquid builds a protective layer on the skin and lifts the facial hair for a smoother shave while cooling the skin with Vitamin E.

Retail: £24.00, $20.00

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