With 2018 around the corner it's time to set up reasonable fitness goals that you can maintain throughout the year.

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We all know the drill. At the beginning of every year you're highly motivated to get your fitness back on track and every year you start off on the right foot. Then two months into the new year you start to get a bit lazy until somehow - and not surprisingly - you just stop altogether. This happens to countless individuals every year. So what can you do this year that's different so you end up staying focused throughout the year?

Instead of promising yourself that you'll go to the gym every day or any other "extreme" goal why not make smaller adjustments that are plausible that'll infuse you with more determination as you succeed. Eventually, you can increase your goals. Here are some helpful, tiny tips that'll have a long-lasting and positive effect on your fitness and life.

Wake Up Earlier

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One of the first things you can do is set your alarm 20 minutes earlier than before. Use this time for a quick workout or stretch. You might not believe it but this extra time will actually give you more energy to start your day. Or you can always stop hitting the snooze button – baby steps!

Drink More Water

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The rule of thumb is eight glasses of water a day. That sounds easy enough but the average person hardly reaches that number daily because they're too busy focusing on other things. Think of little tricks that will help you remember to drink water throughout the day. Whether it be having two glasses of water per meal, a refillable water container, or even the WaterMinder app that tracks your daily water consumption.

Stop Drinking Soda

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Stop drinking soda – stop! If you think you're being healthy by drinking diet sodas than you're simply kidding yourself. All sodas are high in calories and high in ingredients that have no benefits to your health. All it will do is increase your waist size and destroy your internal organs. Don't justify drinking soda at all. Research has shown that by cutting out soda you increase the health of your heart and blood pressure, improve sleep, improve energy, decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes, decrease anxiety, the list goes on. Soda is not good for you!

Start Meditating

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This is another one of those small changes you can add to your week that'll have lasting effects on your health. Try to meditate 10 minutes a day. That should be easy seeing how you'll start waking up 20 minutes earlier anyways (as mentioned above). Find a comfortable, quiet place to sit and focus on your breathing. If your mind wanders just bring it back to your breathing.

Meditating has a calming effect, increases blood flow to the brain, makes it easier to stay focused throughout the day, and help you defragment your thoughts so you can gain perspective. This 10 minute a day mental exercise will have you feeling alive again.

Workout At Home

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If going to the gym regularly seems a bit out of reach than try doing your workout from home. This way, you'll have fewer excuses for skipping your workout altogether. Get yourself a set of weights to use or look online for a plethora of routines that involve little to no equipment at all. Try this home workout here!

Eat Less Processed Food

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Again, it's the little changes that will have a longer effect if you keep them. Start by limiting, or cutting out altogether, the number of processed foods you eat. By doing so, you'll see weight loss and overall a healthier you. An easy tip to remember – if it comes in a box don't eat it.

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