2018 is here so scrub away the stress of 2017 and revitalize your skin with these top facial scrubs!

You survived 2017 – congratulations! It was a stressful year and it probably shows on your face. So why not take the time to relax and give yourself a good face scrub to wipe away all the dullness and negativity and leave your face looking new and rejuvenated. We've taken the time to lists our favorites so get ready to scrub away to a new you.

Acqua di Parma - Facial Cleansing Scrub

Photo courtesy of Acqua di Parma

The Collezione Barbiere line is an award-winning Italian brand that has a stupendous facial scrub. This light gel ensures an effective cleansing action without dehydrating the face making it perfect for everyday use. The micro grains of pumice stone gently removes dead skin and unclogs pores while reinvigorating skin to look fresh.

Retail - £29

Kiehl's - Oil Eliminator Cleanser

Photo courtesy of Kiehl's

This scrub assists in the removal of excess oil and sweat to reduce the appearance of shine and pores. This pleasant scrub is ideal if men with facial hair because it won't dry out your beard. Its gentleness makes it superb for sensitive skin. Formulated with crushed apricot seeds it will take away dead skin cells without leaving your skin overly dry.

Retail: £19

Ole Henriksen - Transforming Walnut Scrub

Photo courtesy of Ole Henriksen

After trying this scrub for the first time I immediately became a fan. This smell itself is fantastic. The name is 100% accurate - it transforms your skin. This scrub is light foaming and exfoliates and cleanses to purify pores. It contains walnut powder, ginseng, and chamomile extracts for a deep cleaning that will remove dullness – you'll look amazing! Looking for radiant skin – it's in this bottle.

Retail: $28

Bulldog - Original Face Scrub

Photo courtesy of Bulldog

If you're not wanting to drop mad cash on a face scrub then Bulldog has you covered. Their oat kernel, shea butter, and olive seed will gently exfoliate your skin and promote cell renewal. You need only use it once or twice a week to get its benefits.

Retail - £5

Clinique For Men - Face Scrub

Photo courtesy of Clinique For Men

Prepare your skin to become softer and refreshed. This scrub is jam-packed with non-abrasive grains that remove excess oils, dead skin cells, and unblocks pores from all the dirt build-up. If you're about to shave then use the scrub because it lifts facial hair and allows for a smoother shave that helps prevents razor burn.

Retail - £21

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