Find the finest men's suits with a modern twist with suits by Marc Darcy.

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Marc Darcy has the reputation of offering designer garments at affordable prices. Because they remain firm in this ideology they continue to grow at a rapid pace becoming synonymous with properly dressed "English gentleman."

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The brand chooses fabrics ranging from tweed to herringbone mixes to luxurious velvets - all meticulously selected to ensure the highest quality. Marc Darcy brings a precision to the tailoring of their blazers, waistcoats, and trousers. Thus, securing that their suits fit perfectly.

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Marc Darcy's suits are enhanced by the minute detailing added such as contrasting collars and buttonholes to luscious linings and their signature Marc Darcy pin badge. The end result of all this thorough craftsmanship is a suit with a designer look and feel.

Photo courtesy of @marcdarcysuits

I found the suits from Marc Darcy very comfortable and well-fitted. I don't like any rough or harsh fabrics so I was very happy with how immediately comfortable I felt once I put the suit on. I'm a huge fan of the contrasting buttons on my suit. I feel these add a bit of understated flair that makes my suit pop out from all the other men in suits.

Photo courtesy of @DriftingDCal

If you're in need of a suit that captures the essence of the modern gentlemen and is crafted with the highest quality fabrics then Marc Darcy is what you've been looking for.

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