Mercedes-Benz has officially launched in the UK with a celebrity event at Printworks in London. The event was filled with TV celebrities, top UK influencers, journalists but the special guest of the evening was performer Tinie Tempah.

Photo courtesy of @aspilcueta

The #60MinutesWithX event was a parade of their newest vehicles, the X-Class. Throughout the entire venue guests were allowed to see up close and personal the new six incredibly lush Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickups. It wouldn't be an influencer event without proper photo-ops and Mercedes-Benz didn't disappoint.

Photo courtesy of @DriftingDCal

Although pickups trunks aren't huge in the UK, the X-Class was developed with that in mind. These mid-sized trunks interiors featured all the luxury comforts one would expect to find from Mercedes and their smaller size make them possible choices for the international market who tend to favor smaller cars.

Click here for the full details on the car's specs!

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