Let technology work in your favour to hit those fitness goals!

This year will be the year that you get fit and adopt a new healthy lifestyle! January comes around and everyone is ready to get fit and healthy but by the time February rolls in you realise you have resorted back to your old ways. So how about this year we try to switch it up and use technology in our advantage. There are a massive amount of fitness and health gadgets on the market that make it easier to stick to your new years fitness regime.

Apple Watch 3

Let's start with one of the most known wearable gadgets: The Apple Watch. Much has been written about the watch but we'll focus on the fitness aspect of the gadget and how this little piece of tech can change your life. Yes, I own one and yes it keeps me motivated to work out every day.

The way that the watch works is that it has exercise rings that will show you your progress through out the day. If you are not close to hitting your exercise goal the watch will prompt you to do some exercise to continue your fitness streak. Not only that but the watch also notifies you of your friends workout, which one, can make things very competitive, and two makes you feel really guilty if you haven't managed to do your workout.

The Apple Watch 3 also allows you to leave your phone at home which really helps if you do a lot of outdoor cardio exercises. You can listen to your music, receive texts and calls and even pay for that last minute grocery shopping on your way back home. The watch starts at $399 (UK: £399) with cellular connectivity on the website. Don't forget you will also need to get a plan with a cellular provider which will add to your costs.

Tangram Factory Smart Rope

We all remember jump roping as kids on the school playground and how much fun it was. Now you get to have the same fun as an adult and call it "exercise". As most of you know, even though it's entertaining, it is hard as hell. The Tangram Factory Smart Rope Pure however has some useful features that will keep you motivated to jump off those extra calories.

To get started you have to adjust the rope to your personal hight and then connect the rope to the Smart Gym App on your phone via a bluetooth connection. You fire up the app, choose your workout and the rope will start counting your jumps and intervals. There is a personalised daily goal that you can set and you will be ranked with other jumpers progress during the month. The rope also has an upgraded version with built in LED lights that will flash your calorie count, jumps and time in front of you as you are bouncing up and down. The Pure retails for $59.95 (UK: £59.95) and the led version for $79.95 (UK: £79.95) on the website.

Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit was one of the very first and best players in the wearable tech market and they haven't stopped innovating. We all know Fitbit is synonymous with tracking your movements and exercise but now they have added another vital statistic to keep you living well. The Fitbit Alta HR has the added functionality of being able to track your sleep patterns.

Sleep Stages is developed with experts from Johns Hopkins University, Stanford University and the University of Arizona, and uses Fitbit’s PurePulse heart rate technology. It analyses your heart rate variability to estimate the amount of time you spend in various sleep stages and how often you are awake at night. A better sleep equals more energy which makes you much more motivated to hit those fitness goals. The Fitbit Alta HR currently has a discounted price of $119.95 (UK: £99.00) on the website.

Nokia Body+ Smart Scale

This is not just a scale but an advanced smart scale. Why do you need a smart scale over a regular scale? Because it can do so much more! Nokia's Body+ tracks your weight increases/decreases, body composition (body fat, water percentage, muscle and bone mass), BMI and standing heart rate. It records all the data in the accompanying app which also synchs to your health app if you own an apple device. If you have more than one person using the scale, no problem as you can select which user the recorded weight belongs to. The Nokia Body+ Smart Scale retails for $99.95 (UK: £89.95) on the Nokia website.

We hope this list is helpful to keep striving for your fitness and health goals in 2018. What fitness and health gadgets do you find helpful in keeping your healthy lifestyle going? Leave us suggestions in the comments.

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