If you're looking for a leather jacket then check out Scandinavia's largest and oldest leather fashion company - Jofama!

Photo courtesy of @DriftingDCal

I'm wearing Jofama's classic biker jacket. If you have only one leather jacket then this is the style you cannot live without. This all-time favorite comes complete, in true biker fashion, with cuff zippers and a fashionable red lining on the inside. It's called the Cliff and you can get it here!

Photo courtesy of @DriftingDCal

Jofama offers a range of leather jackets for both men and women. Originally from Scandinavia, this company's products can now be found in the following countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Ireland, and Belgium.

Photo courtesy of @DriftingDCal

Check out Jofama's full range of leather jackets here!

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