Time for a lot of black!

Photo courtesy of @DriftingDCal

So I have this black blazer that I really love because it makes me feel like a prince. The cut and the over-embellished buttons give a very "stately" feel. I didn't want my outfit to draw attention away from the blazer so I decided to go with all black tones except for my t-shirt and shoes.

Photo courtesy of @DriftingDCal

I chose to go with a relaxed fit t-shirt with a lower cut instead of a regular crew neck t-shirt to add a bit of flair to the outfit. I paired it with skinny fit black jeans and beige Chelsea boots. I didn't want to wear all black so I wore the white t-shirt and beige boots to break up the black tones subtlety.

Photo courtesy of @DriftingDCal

I added a few accessories to highlight the ensemble. I knew I wanted a long chain so I added a gold chain to match the buttons on the blazer. Some guys aren't big on accessories but you'll quickly learn that I'm not one of them! You just need to find what works for you!

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