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I spent a good portion of my life living in Los Angeles so I got accustomed to wearing t-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops on a regular basis. Since the weather is warm yearly I never had to worry about carrying a coat. Even when I would have to dress up in a shirt and tie I would dread it because I would get hot very quickly!

Luckily, I live in London now where one needs to have more than one coat to survive! I'm officially a fan of having lots of coats! I can actually invest in coats that serve both purposes of functionality and style.

This purple coat is longer than your traditional coat reaching all the way to my mid thighs. The inner lining is teal which only makes me love the coat more because I love color!

Photo courtesy of @DriftingDCal

I wore a navy button down shirt along with a teal silk tie and grey trousers. I completed the outfit with a pair of leather brown oxford shoes and a gold tie clip to add the finishing gentleman touches!

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