I join The Blogger Programme on a summertime adventure to Croatia!


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We flew into Split from London courtesy of the amazing Wizz Air. If you're ever looking for affordable flights then make them your first stop! We made our way over to the cozy seaside town of Zaton. Along the drive, you can see why people love to visit Croatia. With their picturesque bays and colorful buildings, I was taking pictures every second.

Zaton - Photo cred Carl H.

We checked into the beautiful white and teal boutique hotel The Admiral Zaton. This lovely hotel is run by an American couple, Jonathan and Megan. They understand what it means to give a warm welcome and amazing customer service. I spent an entire evening just having a good chat and drinks with them - they literally made me feel at home! The design of the hotel is a perfect mix of eclectic design and adventure.

The Admiral Zaton

The Admiral Zaton is nestled nicely along the Croatian Coast. We could see the blue sea from our hotel window. The vibe of the hotel is lively in a tranquil setting. We were able to relax and take in the splendor of Croatia without any disturbances. This is the place to go to have a chill and relaxing holiday.

The Admiral Zaton

Jonathan and Megan were very helpful with recommendations and knew things to do around Croatia such as your usual tourist hot spots as well as hidden gems. The Admiral Zaton truly was a luxury boutique hotel! The cozy vibe, friendly hospitality, and serene views make this a hotel not to be missed.

The Admiral Zaton

Did I mention they had two dogs, River and Sailor, who were the best things ever! I'll always be saddened now when I stay at a hotel that doesn't have their own designated hotel dog.


The next morning we got up super early because we were off to go see Krka Waterfalls. A big shout out to TripAdvisor for organizing such a wonderful and must do adventure when you visit Croatia. A short car drive and boat trip later and we got dropped off within walking distance of this lush waterfall that was already getting full of people.

Krka Waterfalls

Whether you want to wander through the waters or see from a view on top a bridge Krka Waterfalls was a sight to see. The main waterfall was ginormous and it was easy to get lovely pictures of the entire waterfall - although much harder to do it without getting a good amount of tourist in the background. The entire Krka Waterfalls lies in the Krka National Park which houses a series of seven waterfalls and hiking trails for those looking for an outdoor adventure.

TBP Talent

We were in Croatia during the month of June and the weather was very, very, hot. During the day the temperature ranges from 25ºC to 30ºC. If you're looking for prime sunny weather then Croatia is the spot. A thank you to Havaianas for keeping us ready for the summer weather with their epic flip-flops.


From Krka Waterfalls, we drove to visit Sibenik, a city along the Adriatic coast. The cobbled historic city holds the 15th century stone Cathedral of St. James and a slew of restaurants and cafés along the coast. Game of Thrones fans will know this location as the filming spot for the city of Braavos! We had an amazing time eating dinner and drinking a few Aperol Spritz while taking in the gorgeous views.

St. James' Cathedral

Croatia was a lovely experience. It was my first trip with The Blogger Programme and I enjoyed myself tremendously! Our journey through Sibenik and Krka Waterfalls was unforgettable. The friendliness and fantastic staff at The Admiral Zaton only made our trip better. Altogether, I'm ready to plan my next trip to Croatia.

Some products that helped during this trip was a hydrating mist from Linda Meredith. I was constantly using sunscreen on my face and washing it off and this mist helped replace all the lost moisture on my skin from repeated washing.

Linda Meredith

Also, Elemis Pro-Collagen Eye Mask saved my life. These masks kept my eyes looking fresh and instantly reduced the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles so I could look my best in all of my pictures!


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