Wear linens for epic summer looks!

When I was heading off to Croatia for a summer holiday I knew I wanted to have some stand out outfits! I headed to Zara, which depending on the collection, is either really good or just okay. Their summer 2018 collection had me very happy. They had a collection of linen wear that was relaxed and stylish. So naturally, I bought it!

Immediately, I fell in love with all their beige tones. First, I came across their beige-striped trouser that was cropped. Personally, I love a cropped pants for summer so this was hitting all the marks for me. The fit was purposefully loose so I knew they'd be ideal for summer weather.

Then I saw their beige t-shirt with a colorful Aztec print that paired perfectly with the trousers. It was a dream outfit with just the right amount of color. My favorite part was the fact that it was comprised of linen, which we all know is great during summer, so it ended up being purchased right out the door!

The end result is what you see here! It was great having a full on linen outfit that made a bold statement during the summer season. I added some details with a bracelet from Azuro Republic and a necklace from Topman to round it out.

Make sure to add some linen pieces to your summer wardrobe. The relaxed look and feel will keep you cool and have you summer ready in no time.

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