I finally took the plunge and wore a men's romper/jumpsuit and this was the end result...

The minute I knew I was going to the epic music festival Tomorrowland in Belgium I was already thinking about my festival look. The theme for the festival was The Story of Planaxis - long story short it was an aquatic theme. I didn't want to go dressed in a costume or anything fancy dress which meant no sailor or merman outfits. Okay, for a split second I thought about going dressed up as Namor from Marvel Comics but only briefly.

I wanted to wear something that stood out from the crowd because as you can see above it's a big crowd. The thought of wearing a romper/jumpsuit came into my head. I never wore one before and I felt it was perfect for that "festival" look. But as many men have seen there are plenty of awful and ill-fitted ones out there. Rompers/jumpsuits get a bad rap because most of the time guys wear them to be silly. I wanted to find one that looked good.

Enter Mr. Turk. The dapper style of Mr. Turk is specifically designed for men who want to make a statement with their wardrobe. While searching their newest collection I came across their Maverick Jumpsuit and knew it was perfect for my Tomorrowland outfit. It even had multiple hues of blue which fit exactly with the aquatic theme!

The fit was ideal! I feel a romper/jumpsuit only looks good if it fits perfectly and the Maverick Jumpsuit did. I was worried that the crotch area would ride up too much since I love to dance at festivals but that never happened. It felt as if it was made specifically for me. I was comfortable the entire day in it and not once did I have any issues with it. My friends joked around about how I would go to the bathroom but that was never an issue.

For the most part, I had forgotten I was wearing a one piece during the festival. Which shows that at no point did I feel restricted in any way by the romper/jumpsuit. So would I wear a romper/jumpsuit again? It depends on where I'm getting it from but I know now that if it's from Mr. Turk then 100% yes!

An added bonus is that the top portion of the romper/jumpsuit can we wore off and it lays easily and flat against the back.

Photos courtesy of @DriftingDCal, Mr. Turk and Tomorrowland.

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