See for yourself the #1 open-air club in the world - Ushuaïa!

Every time summer rolls around I always get reminded that I'd never been to Ibiza - especially the open air club Ushuaïa that people would always rave about. Well, next summer when my friends bring up Ibiza I won't get FOMO (fear of missing out) because I've finally experienced the epicness that is Ushuaïa.

Before you go off and book your ticket to Ushuaïa here are two little pieces of advice to maximize the amount of fun you can have at this amazing venue.

Tip #1: Book A Room

Now you don't need a room at the Ushuaïa Hotel to enter the actual club but with a room you get lots of added benefits. First, you have an escape. Ushuaïa is popular for a reason and that means a lot of people go - A LOT! The venue itself isn't necessarily the biggest so it can get crammed of people very quickly. A room will alleviate this situation by giving you a place to escape all the people and enjoy your own space.

Second, if you're a hotel guest you can bring your own booze to the room before 3 PM to enjoy throughout the evening. Trust me when I say prices for drinks get expensive! A bottle of water itself is €11. Yikes!

Tip #2: Pre-Party at Ushuaïa Beach First

The entire Ushuaïa Club starts going around 5 PM and ends at midnight. For most people who come to Ibiza to "party" that's hardly long enough. A good tip would be to book a sun bed at the hotel alongside the beach. Then you have the entire day to soak sun, eat, and pre-game before the main event. Worse case scenario, there are plenty of after parties close enough to Ushuaïa if you're wanting to make it a late night.

Now if you can't make it yet to Ibiza fear not because I've got you covered. Watch my IGTV video here! You can experience Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Club up close and personal look at the fantastic !

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