Chester Barrie has refurbished its Savile Row store as part of its move to be relevant to the modern tailoring customer.

The shop will house the Chester Barrie God label collection, the brand’s luxury clothing line, as well as a new capsule Made-in-England line.

Key changes to the store include a further 80 square feet of selling space, an extra changing room and an area dedicated to occasion wear. Fixed units have been replaced by freestanding display stands with pewter frames and either solid oak or marble bases; floorboards have been exposed and polished; glass, velvet and alcantara are used as detail.

The store has been designed by Simon Kirby, Chester Barrie’s creative director:

“Our aim is to ensure both the store and the collection reflect the brand’s DNA: 1930s glamour with a contemporary character. I have designed the shop to combine traditional hand-crafted materials with a contemporary touch. It is a narrow store so we have added an awning to the front and opened up the inside to make it feel bigger. The far end of store is separated by darker blue walls and carpeting with velvet chairs which draws the eye and creates a more luxurious environment for our occasion wear.”

Chester Barrie’s AW18 Collection combines the sophistication of the modern world with the elegance and tradition of Savile Row. Colours are deep and rich, cloths are warm to the touch and a series of new styles soften the shoulder and ease the block, creating a cosmopolitan collection.

The essence of the Gold Label collection is its focus on quality and its attention to detail. Cut from the finest European cloths - including Fox Brothers and Loro Piana - it offers everything you would expect from a Savile Row tailor, and a little bit more. From the soft, tactile handle of flannel suits to the deep, luxurious velvet of evening wear the tailoring mixes classic British style with a distinctive, contemporary mood.

The new store will also allow the brand to make a feature of the newly introduced ‘Made In England’ range of products, including coats, leather goods and a capsule tailoring collection of handmade English suits – taking the brand back to its roots.

The addition of accessories such as umbrella’s, wallets, bags and gloves create a more rounded experience for any gentleman. Chester Barrie’s mantra is that it helps a man look his best when it matters most.

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