Time to take a chunk out of New York City!

When I found out that I was heading to New York with The Blogger Programme I got tremendously excited. Getting to visit the city that never sleeps is always a welcomed holiday and New York is an amazing backdrop for pictures.

After a short 8-hour flight from London to New Jersey with United Airlines, I was ready to hit the ground running. I arrived at my hotel, the W Hoboken, in Hoboken, New Jersey and was extraordinarily happy to be staying there. I've stayed at W Hotels before and they're always full of life and ready to give the best recommendations on where to "live it up" in the city.

My room at the W Hoboken had a ridiculously fantastic view of New York across the Hudson River. Every day when I would wake up, I would open my curtains to let the sunrise start coming through the window and fall back asleep looking at the spectacular view.

If you ever wanted to visit New York but wanted to get away from the manic city then I would 100% recommend staying in Hoboken, New Jersey. It's a lively town that is easily accessible to New York via the PATH train station. In a 15-minute train ride, you can be right smack in the middle of Manhattan.

Photo courtesy of Artís

On our first full day in the city, we made our way to skincare master class with Artís. Artís are known for their impeccable brushes made of Cosmefibre. Their brushes are packed with these fine fibres that are engineered to be used with moisturizers, liquids, etc. Plus, they are the softness brushes I've ever felt.

In the afternoon, we made our way to the Top of the Rock. We got a NYCGo Pass so that we could easily skip the cue and make it to the top of Rockefeller Center where one can see the magnificent skyline of New York City. This was the perfect setting to grab some quick pictures while appreciating the vastness of the city.

During the evening, we made our way over to the The Mondrian Hotel on Park Avenue. We went to the rooftop bar for some cocktails - in my case an espresso martini. I definitely needed some caffeine after running around the city all day. They make their espresso martinis with a splash of Bailey's which made it taste extra chocolate-y!

When you go to New York City the thing to do is to get to as many rooftops as you can. With a city full of skyscrapers, it's best to see the view of the city from the top. There's just something magical about seeing New York City all lit up during the night.

Photo courtesy of Cleo

We preceded to make our way down to Cleo for dinner. Cleo brought an array of foods to enjoy and we didn't leave anything towards the end. Even their brussels sprouts were completely devoured. I had a big hand in finishing them and I'm not usually a fan.

The next day I rushed on over to Brooklyn. This is something that I always missed out on when I had been to New York previously so I was determined to finally make my way to Brooklyn to see it first hand.

I can see why people love it. It has a lively vibe with everyone wanting to take pictures in the DUMBO neighborhood, full of cafés, restaurants, and shops. Sadly, I didn't have enough time to fully explore Brooklyn but it's on my to-do list when I get back to New York.

On our Saturday night in the city, we made our way to another rooftop - this time Mr. Purple! Mr. Purple lies on the Lower East Side and is another amazing rooftop bar/restaurant.

Photo courtesy of Mr. Purple

Now this venue has a very fun atmosphere. Full of young and good-looking people ready to have some fun. We left a bit towards 1 am - I had another early morning - but I could tell that this place was just getting started. As I left the venue there was a long cue of people waiting to go up. A long line! So get there early and make sure to plan for a long fun night!

Now I had to get to bed early because I had an early brunch at Magic Hour Rooftop. This popular brunch spot features an amazing skyline view with The Empire State Building.

I definitely had my fill with a poached egg and avocado toast but then they brought the most delicious stack of pancakes I'd ever seen!

Photo courtesy of Magic Hour Rooftop

I mean you can't go wrong with a plate of pancakes topped with cotton candy! With my belly full, I was once again let loose upon the city to grab as many snaps as I could!