Much has been written about the Apple Watch since its debut in April 2015. As an Apple fan, I had to have one to complete my Apple ecosystem. But I have to admit that it never felt like it was worth the price point. The design was too clunky and the software too buggy. The Series 2 and 3 were big improvements and I enjoyed using them but they still didn't fully hit the mark - until now.

After having lived with the Apple Watch Series 4 for over a month I can finally say that it has finally, fully matured as a premium Apple product. It is now an essential and I'm obsessed with using it.


First, the Series 4 comes in either 40mm or 44mm case sizes which is bigger than the previous 38mm and 42mm. A small change that is making a huge difference. The watch doesn't feel bigger or heavier which is due to the much improved slimmer design. Due to the watch being slimmer, it doesn't only look much more elegant but it's also more practical. I can finally wear it underneath my shirt cuffs.

Because the watch is bigger, Apple was apple to bump the screen display size to give us more screen area. The 44mm model has an increase from 740 square mm to 977 square mm and it's making a large difference. The watch face is now able to show much more information with just a flick of the wrist. Everything is bigger which makes operating the watch a lot easier. From bigger buttons to enter your password to flicking up and down to reading your messages.

Bigger also means more battery power! The watch can now last around 18 hours when constantly in use which is more than enough when fully charging the watch at night.


The Series 4 comes with Watch OS 5 installed and this has finally matured. First, the response speed has drastically increased. Where the Series 2 and 3 could leave you hanging, the Series 4 is right there with you. Notifications seem to arrive at my watch first before they arrive on my phone. This could be considered a flaw but just shows how quick the new Apple Watch is. Access to Siri has also greatly increased with just a raise of the wrist she is waiting for your every command.

The software comes with more gimmicky features such as a Walkie Talkie that allows you to deliver messages straight to another person's watch. Just like a real Walkie Talkie it's fun at first but can cause some odd situations when in public spaces. You don't want a message from your girlfriend proclaiming her love for you read out-loud while sitting in an Uber or during a business meeting. Yes, this has happened to me.

The watch also has an electrocardiogram which can detect an irregular heartbeat. However, Apple has disabled the feature for now as it first needs FDA approval. Outside the US, the feature might never see the light of day as it would be very cumbersome to gain approval for each country.

Fitness and Health

When it comes to fitness and health capabilities this is where the watch truly shines. It is top of the class compared to other direct competitors like Fitbit or other cheap knockoffs.

A big difference is the automatic exercise detection which means the watch now knows if your doing exercise or have stopped. If you're doing a fast walk or going up a serious amount of stairs the watch will ask you if you would like to track your exercise and vice versa for when you have stopped. This makes it much easier to track your exercise as I must admit I've often forgotten to switch exercise tracking on or off over the years.

There are more preprogrammed exercise programs like yoga and hiking that help you track your calories and physical exertion more clearly.

If there are days where I'm lazy the watch will remind me to do my exercise or to get at least the minimal amount of standing up. It will also constantly remind me that my friends are doing a better job at staying fit than I am which does bring out a competitive streak. With a recent health report coming out claiming that too little exercise is worse for your body than smoking the reminders are annoying yet welcome.


I can confidently recommend the Apple Watch Series 4 as it's the best smartwatch you can buy. It's so far beyond its competitors that they aren't playing in the same league. It's also the best fitness wearable on the market and with the cellular model you won't ever have to take your phone on those long runs again.

If you are looking for a Smartwatch/Fitness Tracker/Health Buddy/Electronic Wallet/Music Player and so much more the Apple Watch Series 4 cannot be beat.

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