Time to escape the hectic city life of London and travel to the relaxing city of Bath.

After living in London for six years I've finally made my way to visit the lovely city of Bath. Located in the county of Somerset, Bath is known for the historic Roman-built baths that tourists can visit. But most people come for a relaxing retreat and to enjoy the hot springs that reside under the city.

Where To Stay

So we booked a room at The Gainsborough Bath Spa Hotel because it looked lush and the bathtub was directly connected to the hot springs. Now that sounds like first class relaxation to me!

The hotel staff was beyond accommodating and very knowledgeable about the area. They ushered us to our room and showed us all their amenities. A good tip to know when you book this hotel is that only three of their rooms have direct water access to the natural hot springs.

So make sure to ask for those rooms when you go so you can relax all evening in their exquisite bathtubs with the hot natural spring water enveloping you.

Photo courtesy of The Gainsborough Bath Spa

The staff then showed us around their lovely spa area that all guests can enjoy during their stay. Make sure to plan an entire evening of relaxation in their spa. You can enjoy all their different hot pools, sauna, steam room, and even book your own massage treatments.

Don't forget to have some of their yummy Georgian hot chocolate in the back of the spa. It was considered to be for the elite back in the old days and I promise you that you'll want more than one cup!

Photo courtesy of The Gainsborough Bath Spa

Now that you know where to stay when you visit Bath it's time to let you know the wondrous things you can do in this lovely city.

The Roman Baths

Now you can't bathe in the Roman Baths anymore but this well-preserved Roman site is still worth a visit. Now below modern street level, The Roman Bath has four main features: the Sacred Spring, the Roman Temple, the Roman Bath House, and the museum.

Visiting The Roman Baths will give a glimpse into the Roman social life and how they enjoyed the natural hot springs back in their time. Full of history and old artifacts this is a must-see attraction in Bath.

The Roman Baths are a huge tourist attractions garnering more than one million visitors a year. Another travel tip, visit The Roman Baths during the evening for their last two hours before they close. This way you can dodge all the tourists and see the baths without the cluster of people and it's beautifully illuminated with fires at night making it feel almost dream-like.

Thermae Bath Spa

Photo courtesy of Thermae Bath Spa

When you visit Bath, you must enjoy what the city has to offer. One of its defining features is their spas. The most popular being Thermae Bath Spa! By day and night, you can enjoy the views over the city of Bath while soaking in the naturally warm and mineral-rich waters.

Photo courtesy of Thermae Bath Spa

The Thermae Spa includes a proper Roman Steam Room (pictured above), Georgian Steam Room, Infrared Room, Ice Chamber, Celestial Relaxation room (pictured below), and showers with powerful jets and chromotherapy.

Photo courtesy of Thermae Bath Spa

Complete with their own restaurant inside, you'll find most of your day spent in relaxation with a visit to the Thermae Bath Spa. Your body will thank you for it!

Visit Sally Lunn for her famous Bun

Photo courtesy of Sally Lunn

Sally Lunn is one of the oldest houses in Bath. A historic tea and eating house which is the home of the original Bath Bun. Now whether you're a savory or sweet kind of person - Sally Lunn is sure to have something for your taste buds.

Photo courtesy of Sally Lunn

I'm a sweets-kind-of-guy! So I went straight for her Cinnamon Bun cake (pictured above). It was crispy and delicious. The texture of the bun is more along the side of a crunchy french toast.

Photo courtesy of Sally Lunn

The tea house is also a small museum where you can see how Sally Lunn baked her cakes back in the day along with all the unearthed treasures found. Make sure to come early because this place is very popular with tourists so a long line can form.

A trip to Bath will have you recharging your batteries with some of the best UK spas, indulging in a bit of food and shopping, and enjoying a break from the big city. Make sure to visit this lovely city the first chance you get!

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