With a focus on individuality, Dr. Joney De Souza brings optimal results to all his patients.

Dr. Joney works tirelessly to provide his patients with the best anti-aging treatments. It was at his clinic in Marylebone that I had my first treatment - the Brazilian Zero Downtime Facial!

This skin-deep rejuvenation combines multiple highly effective cosmetic

treatments into one. After a gentle skin cleanse, I was treated to a stimulator skin peel. This skin peel left my skin tickling all over. The peel is used to brighten the skin and produce an epidermal turnover revealing new and healthy skin.

After the stimulator skin peel, I was introduced to an all-over microdermabrasion. This cosmetic treatment stimulates collagen production and removes dry and dead skin cells that make skin look dull and congested.

Following the microdermabrasion, I had my own specific vitamin mask. This specific vitamin mask is catered to each person's specific skin type so each vitamin mask is different per person. My mask featured a hydrating mask and a sulfur mask for my t-zone.

After the face mask, I was treated to a session under a photodynamic red light that activates the skin's natural rejuvenation and renewal process. During my red light treatment, the specialist used a Galvanic Current to push the actives into my skin while tightening the skin as well.

The final treatment was a High-Frequency machine that creates ozone near the surface of the skin helping with skin texture and elasticity.

After my treatment, my skin looked radiant and alive. The entire facial took around one hour and I was relaxed the entire time. Dr. Joney De Souza Skin and Laser Clinic take time for each patient making sure to give you the results you want. So stop by their clinic in Marylebone and get your skin looking its best.

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