Meet the new magic wand of skincare!

If you're looking for a way to keep your facial skin looking nice and firm then let me introduce you to the FaceGym gold derma roller. Now that you've met you should go buy one ASAP - but first, let me tell you why you need one in your life.

Photo courtesy of FaceGym

If you're still reading that means you probably have reached an age where you're noticing that your skin isn't as "youthful" as it once was. Now our skin naturally has an abundance of collagen and elastin. Collagen gives skin its structure and elastin allows your skin to stretch. These two protein keep your skin looking radiant and firm. As you grow older, your skin produces less and less of these proteins and that's why your skin loses its bounce and elasticity.

The gold derma roller is your 'magic wand' to bring back your skin's collagen. By using the gold derma roller a few minutes every day you'll boost your skin's collagen production and circulation. The end result will be firmer glowing skin.

When using the gold derma roller it's important to use upward strokes across the face to stimulate the collagen production and circulation. Gravity is constantly using its force to pull your face down so it's important to use the upward strokes to alleviate this issue. Are you ready for firmer looking skin?

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