With their Signature Diamond Chrono-Lift Treatment, Natura Bissé pampers their clients with a treatment built for movie stars.

Photo courtesy of Natura Bissé

The Natura Bissé Spa, the first of its kind, is located in The Village of Westfield shopping center in White City, London. The brand has already been named the world's best spa brand in 2018 and shows no signs of slowing down. Natura Bissé will be traveling to Beverly Hills Hotel to present their ritual treatments that demonstrate the power of touch to celebrities.

Photo courtesy of Natura Bissé

I had the lucky opportunity to check out their spa in Westfield and have the Diamond Chono-Lift treatment. The luxurious signature experience utilizes the science of chrono- cosmetics to boost your skin renewal processes and reveal a radiant complexion.

The first step is a luminous cleansing and gentle skin resurfacing. The luminosity and radiance are achieved through their own signature Diamond White Collection formulated with natural sugars and pomegranate.

The skin is then exfoliated with a radiant lifting peel. This cutting-edge peel not only removes dead skin cells, but lifts and restores radiance at the same time! This powerful, but gentle, 2-step exfoliation consist of a special cocktail of acids that work in synergy to treat different kind of skin conditions (from photo-aging or pigmentation to oily skin). The lifting effect improves elasticity and firmness and visibly increases your skin's natural radiance.

Photo courtesy of Natura Bissé

The next step is a masterful combination of two different concentrates and massage techniques to boost your skin's energy and auto-repairing ability. The first concentrate, a master botanical formula, soothes and reinforces the skin.

The second concentrate activates the cellular energy of your skin, awakening dormant cells.

The next part of the treatment includes the Diamond Extreme Oil which is a sumptuous fusion of selected biocompatible oils to renew your skin, providing nourishment and firmness from within. The oil is applied with their signature sculpting massage, a combination of luxurious massage techniques that provide lifting and sculpting effect to the facial contour.

I really had to fight staying awake because the sculpting massage is extraordinarily relaxing. I've had facial treatments before and this was another level of luxury. My face had never been so intensely massaged to contour perfection!

The ultra-lifting and sculpting action is finished with an exclusive double mask. The first mask seals the Diamond Extreme Oil ingredients into the skin, thus ensuring their absorption and intensifying their benefits. The mask itself is infused with a high concentration of anti-aging ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and retinol.

Finally, the last mask is formulated with a superb combination of hyaluronic acids of different molecular weights to boost hydration and fill expressions lines and wrinkles.

This is truly a treatment for those individuals who want to be pampered and feel extra luxurious. One of my favorite aspects of their treatment is that every single mask they put on your face is applied to your neck and top shoulders. Thus ensuring that your entire skin gets the benefits of their wondrous products. The brushes Natura Bissé uses to apply their products are very fine and soft to the touch. This will not be my only visit to Natura Bissé!

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