Updated: May 22, 2019

Where the geeky and nerdy meet the dapper and stylish!

Big news everyone! Yes, Avengers: Endgame comes out today but we've got even bigger news! I've just launched my own podcast aptly called The Geeky Gentleman. With this podcast, I'm combining two of my biggest interests together: everything geeky and everything men's lifestyle.

I've been making geeky and nerdy videos about Marvel on YouTube for a while now. My Instagram itself took off because of all my men's fashion looks and grooming tips. So I thought, why not put these two things together because I can't be the only one who loves both! Enter The Geeky Gentleman podcast!

Now The Geeky Gentleman podcast will be broken up into two segments: the geeky and the gentleman. Obviously!

The Geeky portion of this podcast is dedicated exclusively to everything that is happening within this geeky and nerdy world of ours such as Marvel and DC film/TV updates, pop culture, video games, comic books, and everything in between.

The Gentleman portion is dedicated to helping each and every one of you achieve your own level of gentleman status with my own personal tips on men's grooming and style!

The first podcast episode is available now on iTunes! In this episode, I'm discussing how Marvel can begin bringing the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Also, I give a huge tip on a must-have product for men to help even out their skin and make it look epic that isn't make-up.

So go click subscribe to The Geeky Gentleman! But just in case you'd still like to see my face I've gone and uploaded the first episode on YouTube which you can see right below!

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