Updated: May 22, 2019

I've had the honor of being the host on one of the newest, and best, travel podcast Out of Office powered by Contiki!

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Travel creates stories. Funny stories; inspirational stories; stories about love, frustration, and hope - stories about what it means to be young and hungry for adventure. Out of Office, powered by Contiki, seeks to share these incredible tales from around the world in unique and engaging ways.

If you're young and love to travel, or just want to hear about some of the issues facing young people today, join our content creators, experts and influencers as they trade tales about a variety of hot topics and intriguing destinations.

The first six episodes of Out of Office are available now. With topics ranging from sustainable travel to LGBTQ travel, reconnecting to your roots to Scottish trad music and more this podcast is for all those with wanderlust in their hearts.

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Episode 1 - From bagpips to hip hop, the revival of Scottish Trad music

Episode 2 - Convince Me: How I can make travel matter

Episode 3 - Travel Without Labels

Episode 4 - Moccasins and mukkluks; reconnecting with indigenous cultures + navigating female solo travel

Episode 5 - Traveling with pride: Globetrotting as an LGBTQ couple

Episode 6 - Why traveling sustainably is easier than you think + vegan travel hacks

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