Confidence begins by being comfortable in your skin and clothes!

Confidence comes in many ways. But in our very visual society, confidence comes from our appearances. That’s why it's so important to know how to dress or style your outfits to maximize the confidence in yourself.

So whether you’re just starting out building your closet or just wanting to know how to boost your confidence when styling your clothes then listen up. The next four clothing tricks will raise your self-confidence and have you ready to look your best.

1.) Wear Dark Colors

If you’re nervous about experimenting with bright colors don't worry - most men are.

When in doubt wear dark colors such as navy blues, greys, and blacks. Black is known to make people look slimmer and let’s be real - black is always in.

The other reason why I suggest starting with dark colors is that they are easier to match with other colors. So you’ll have an easier time making outfit combos with dark colors.

2.) Wear Sunglasses

Countless studies show that when it comes to measuring a man’s attractiveness - it comes down to symmetry. The more symmetric your face is the more attractive people find you. The problem is that most guys don’t have a symmetrical face. Most of us have a side of our face that we like the most. We usually call it our “good side” and we always try to showcase - especially in pictures.

When you wear sunglasses you give the allusion of a more symmetrical face because the glasses themselves are symmetrical. Which means more people will find you attractive and let’s be honest - sunglasses also give an air of mystery.

3.) Overdress More Often

When we look nice - we feel nice. There’s a whole psychological feeling to it. So when you’re going out step it up and dress it up. Leave the jeans and t-shirt at home and put on some trousers, a button-down shirt, and a tie. Dress the part and you'll feel the part.

4.) Choose Simple Designs

When you’re building out your wardrobe stick to clean and simple designs. Don’t go too crazy and wear super loud patterns or prints. When you start throwing too much on an outfit it starts to edge on cheap. So stick to solid colors because they make you look classier and give you easier outfit combos when you mix and match your wardrobe pieces.

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