Be ready to keep your face hydrated and healthy as the winter cold tries to knock you out!

Winter is essentially here, especially if you live in London as I do. One of the things that come with these colder autumn-winter times is excess dry skin. If you venture out into the cold, you could end up with dried lips, blotchy skin, and an overall look of dehydration.

Your normal daily routine might not be enough to beat the outside chill factor! Here are four men’s skincare tips that you can use to increase your skin’s protection during these colder months.

1.) Bring Out The Balms

With the temperature dropping and the wind slapping you in the face, any exposed skin will suffer and become chapped. That's why it’s a good rule of thumb to switch your normal skincare products to a denser, more protective balm.

Turn your lightweight facial moisturizer into a thick, defensive balm for added protection and hydration. Keep your lip balm handy too as the lips are the first to dry out. If you’re not a fan of wearing gloves, it might do you well to invest in a repairing hand balm too.

2.) Oil It Up

Just like balms are amazing for protecting your skin from the harsh cold elements - oils are an effective overnight remedy to treat any cold damage you do get. Using a face and body oil will deliver much longer-lasting hydration as it seeps deep into your skin.

The oils will do wonders and keep you looking and feeling much more hydrated than your normal nighttime creams.

3.) Indulge In A Weekly Face Mask

If you’re not already using face masks then you’re missing out. There's a face mask for everything but the one you’re going to want is a hydrating one.

These single-use sheet masks are heavily dense in moisturizing nutrients that are sure to help out anyone who's suffering chapped skin from the cold elements.

Pick a night once a week when you can put it on and chill for 15-20 minutes and enjoy it.

4.) Switch To A Chemical Exfoliant

With all the cold winds constantly bombarding your face you'll eventually get some dry skin - which in turn means dead skin cells. These can build up and clog your pores, lead to breakouts, and make your skin look rather dull.

Instead of using a harsh exfoliator on your already stressed-out dry skin, use a gentle chemical exfoliator that will dissolve the dead skin cells without scrubbing.

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