Kiss that shiny face of yours goodbye!

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One of the common issues that many men face is oily skin. It can be highly irritating always looking like a grease ball. I have very oily skin so I'm always annoyed when I have an extremely shiny forehead - especially in pictures.

The other reason oily skin sucks balls is that it can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Which we know no one likes. That’s why gentlemen, I’m going to help you guys shine way less and help reduce the oil your face produces. I’m going to pass you guys five tips to help make your mirrorball of a face go away.

Wash Your Face Twice Daily

You should be washing your face once in the morning and before bed. But if you thought you needed a super-strong face wash to strip away all the excessive oil you are wrong.

That’s the last thing you want to do. You want to find a mild and gentle face wash that won’t strip off all the oil because then your face is only going to become super-dry and produce an excessive amount of oil to counteract the fact that you just stripped it all away.

My product recommendation:

Aesop Amazing Face Cleanser

This gentle cleanser is designed to soothe the skin. With its light foam, it doesn’t exacerbate the skin and keeps it balanced. You only need a small amount of the cleanser to shift off the excess oil from your skin.

Washing your face with the cleanser and cold water will maximize its benefit in regulating oil production.

Face Scrub

I’d recommend using a face scrub at least twice a week to help balance out your face’s oil production and remove dead skin cells. By removing the dead skin cells and blackheads you’re leaving your skin smooth and clear while regulating your face's oil production.

My product recommendation:

Clinique For Men Super Energizer Anti-Fatigue Exfoliating Powder Cleanser

You just combine this powder cleanser with a bit of water and it removes toxins, unclogs pores, soothes the skin, and removes excess oil.


You need a daily moisturizer that isn’t super greasy or super oily. This helps your skin keep a good level of hydration and assists in telling your face to stop creating so much freaking oil.

My recommendation:

Baxter of California Oil-Free Moisturizer

This product quickly absorbs into the skin and doesn’t use oils so it'll moisturize your face without an added glare. With this moisturizer, you get all the necessary vitamins and minerals your skin needs without being shiny.

Carry Blotting Papers

What the hell are blotting papers? Well, I’m about to rock your world. Blotting papers come in a nice little flat package and are these super-thin pieces of papers.

They are designed to pull off the excess oil that's on your skin at the moment.

You simply grab a piece and dab it on your skin and repeat this technique as you move it around your face.

It's a simple, easy, quick, and an efficient way to get the shine away.

My product recommendation:

Shiseido Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Paper

These blotting papers come with a light powder layer which results in an oil-free complexion with a matte finish. They’re enriched with vitamins A, C, and E and you only need one sheet peruse.

Use A Toner

Most people don’t even know toners exists. Toners get rid of everything that was leftover on your face after washing. It's a good way to help stop excess oil and gets rid of dirt from your skin.

My product recommendation:

Keihl’s Oil Eliminator Toning Mist Spray

This easy toning mist spray helps cool the skin, tightens and closes your pores after washing your face. It leaves a slight tingly sensation on the face which lets you know that it’s working You’ll definitely notice less oil and less shine with this product.

And there you have it guys! Five tips to help keep your skin as shine-free as possible. Which of these epics products are you excited to try?

Listen to The Geeky Gentleman Podcast Episode 17: Who Is Ms. Marvel & 5 Tips To Combat Oily Skin here!

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