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Listen to The Geeky Gentleman Podcast Episode 22: The New Mutants In The MCU & 6 Steps To Starting A Podcast here!

Podcasts are continuing to grow in popularity with more and more people listening to them. Since I’ve started my podcast, The Geeky Gentleman, I’ve had many friends reach out to me to ask for advice on how to start a podcast.

I figured this would be a great segment for me to give you guys six steps on creating your podcast.

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1.) Topic

Needless to say, before you start a podcast you have to figure out what you want it to be about. Some things to jump-start your creativity to figure your podcast topics are:

  • Are you using your podcast to generate leads for your business?

  • Are you wanting to use a podcast to make yourself a recognized leader in a certain field?

  • Do you have an important message that you want to get out into the world?

  • Is it just a hobby or/and for fun?

Have a good think on what you want your podcast to be about because you’ll be talking about this topic a lot.

For myself, I decided to use a podcast as a way to join two of my passions together - men’s fashion and grooming along with my love for all things geeky in pop culture.

That led me to the creation of The Geeky Gentleman.

A podcast for pop culture enthusiasts who have a big love for everything geeky like Marvel, DC, video games, and all that epic stuff but also want to achieve their own level of gentleman status with my men’s fashion and grooming tips.

You want to make sure to have a good grasp on what you’re going to be doing your podcast on so you can efficiently create podcast episodes regularly.

2.) Name

If you know what your podcast is going to be about then the next step would be on figuring out what the name of your podcast will be. You want something that'll stand out and quickly tell your audiences what your podcast is all about.

When thinking of your podcast name make sure to keep in mind that you want to name your podcast something that will pop up in when people go searching for podcasts. I chose The Geeky Gentleman because:

  • I’m a sucker for alliteration and it sounds super catchy.

  • The title speaks for itself with my joint passion topics of geekiness and gentleman fashion and lifestyle.

3.) Hardware/Software

So you’re continuing down the rabbit hole and you’ve figured out the topic of your podcast and a name. What’s next?

Naturally, you need some podcast equipment. Don’t’ worry. I’m not going to break your bank account but you should invest in certain pieces of equipment so that your podcast sounds professional. The last thing you want to do is create a subpar podcast recording and have that turn off your audience.

When I started, I spent only £220 on my equipment and it’s still the same equipment I use to this day. What’s even better is I got it all on Amazon! I’ll add links below. The first thing you need and I can’t stress this enough is a good microphone.

This is the main component to making sure your voice is coming through clearly so don’t get a cheap microphone if you can afford a good one.

After looking at reviews online by other podcasters I ended up going for a Yeti microphone. That cost me £113. The microphone will be the most expensive equipment you’ll need and I highly recommend you get a good one. I love my Yeti and they come in a variety of colors.

The next thing I got was a microphone stand for £25. A tip is to make sure to get a good microphone stand with a heavy base. The Yetis aren’t lightweight microphones so if you buy a flimsy microphone stand it will fall over because of the weight of the microphone.

Next, a shock mount to hold the microphone to the mic stand cost £75.

Finally, a pop filter. The pop filter makes sure you don’t spit or get those popping sounds when you speak. It cost me £7.

That’s literally all the equipment that I purchased to start my podcast. In terms of editing your podcast, I use the software GarageBand that’s free and already on the Mac!

4.) Hosting Server

You need to start thinking about where you’re going to host your podcast. Your podcast needs to be on a hosting server. This is where you’ll upload your podcast and from there it gets uploaded to the likes of Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.

There are a multitude of different hosting servers out there and depending on how many podcasts you’ll be recording you may have to pay. I use Buzzsprout which cost $12 a month and allows me to record up to three hours of material a month and upload it permanently onto the server.

Buzzsprout is super user-friendly and I highly recommend it. With Buzzsprout, I was able to upload everything for my podcast like the podcast itself, podcast bio, cover art, etc. and then submit it from there directly to be approved for Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.

5.) Cover Art

Now, while you wait for your equipment to arrive you need to start thinking about the cover art for your podcast. This is going to be one of the first things people see when searching for your podcast. Just like the name, you want it to scream what your podcast is about visually.

If you can’t think of anything off that bat then take a look at similar podcasts and see what they're using for cover art. Once you have a general idea, you can start creating something with Photoshop or Adobe Spark Post on your mobile.

You 100% need cover art before your podcast will be approved on any of the podcast platforms.

6.) Music

Your podcast needs music. Most, if not all, podcasts have some underlying track at the beginning and at the end. Again, you can easily find royalty-free music to use but I took the extra step and used Audio Jungle which has a plethora of music. The fees for music use range from $16-$50 per song. Once purchased, you can use it forever on your podcast.

Audio Jungle will have a wider selection and higher quality tracks to use than any royalty-free music site.

Those are the six steps to creating your podcast. Once you’ve completed those six steps all you need to do is record your podcast, edit it, and submit it. So get creating and go forth and find your podcast audience. They are waiting for you.

Listen to The Geeky Gentleman Podcast Episode 22: The New Mutants In The MCU & 6 Steps To Starting A Podcast here!

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