Follow these tips to look dapper AF!

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All righty guys, when it comes to looking like a gentleman it's all about the details. I'm going to be giving you guys seven tips that you need to start doing now to help you achieve that level of dapperness that has been eluding you.

1.) Make Sure Your Clothes Fit

You aren't being dressed my your mom, suffering through hand-me-downs, and you know tailors exist so you have no excuse for wearing clothes that are too big or too small. Don't wear trousers that are too long or too baggy. Wear shirts that fit and highlight your silhouette. The same goes for clothes being too tight.

2.) When You Find Something That Fits - Buy More Than One

This sounds like very easy advice but we're all shaped differently. Some brands fit other guys better than others. So when you find that brand of shirt or trousers that fit you well - don't wait! Grab another pair or another shirt in a different color. Like the the saying goes, "if the shoe fits" wear it and get more than one!

3.) Try On Clothes Before You Buy Them

You'll save yourself lots of time and headaches if you try on clothes before you buy them. Just because you're a 30 waist in one brand doesn't mean that holds true for every brand. This is especially true when you start playing around with different fits like skinny, slim, etc. Plus, it helps you make sure that the clothing fits you which is rule #1!

4.) Get Your Suits Tailored

I'm originally from the USA and live in London and I'm telling you guys - Americans wear their suits way too big! If it isn't being tailor made for you then buy a suit that is a close enough fit and then take it to the tailor. You took to the step to buy a suit to look good now get it tailored so that you know it looks damn good on you. Also, it's the perfect way to make a less expensive suit look more expensive.

5.) Step Up Your Shoe Game

Gym shoes are for the gym - 'nuff said! So you need to have a good selection of dress shoes, loafers, boots, etc. to match your outfits. Remember, there are other color shoes out there besides white, black and brown - find them!

6.) Trim Your Hairs

No, I don't mean the hair on your head. I mean the hair that is growing long in places you didn't think it would like your nose and ears. You want to make sure you look good far away and up close and personal. Also, get rid of the unibrow. It doesn't look good on anyone.

7.) Wash Your Face & Moisturize Every Morning & Night

You will be astounded at how much better your skin will look and feel if you wash and moisturize it every morning and night. You will look younger and less tired. It's all about be preventative. Give your face the love it deserves.

Listen to The Geeky Gentleman Podcast Episode 11: Thor 4 News & Game-Changing Fashion Tips here!

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