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Confidence is an elusive attribute that evades the best of us. We might be confident in one scenario and another completely not. Some people are naturally confident while others struggle with their confidence.

I’m one of those people who can feel very confident depending on the situation and other times I have to remember that even if I don’t feel confident I at least portray that I’m confident on the outside.

By being confident you can make good impressions personally and in the professional world. So, it’s a very handy skill to know how to exude confidence. Even if you aren’t feeling confident there are several tricks you can use to give off the air of confidence and eventually lead yourself to become a self-confident person in the end.

1.) Make Eye Contact

Eye contact is crucial for increasing your perceived confidence. Without eye contact, you will appear to be inattentive and shy. Pay attention in a normal setting with your friends. You’ll realize how often your average person will break eye contact.

Ever had a good venting session with a friend who really listened? Odds are that friend maintained good eye contact with you. When you speak make sure to look at your recipient’s eyes. When you listen make sure to look at the talker’s eyes.

It’s essential to maintain eye contact because the more you break it the more indecisive and hesitant you’ll appear. Just make sure not to stare.

2.) Stand Tall

Fill in your space. Keep your shoulders back and your spine straight. Besides the added benefits of better back support and improved breathing standing tall will make you look and feel more confident.

Ever stood in a room and your eyes catch someone walking into the room who seemed important? That’s because they’re standing tall. Unconfident people tend to slouch or minimize their bodies so make sure to keep your shoulders back.

3.) Speak Clearly & Slowly

Nervous people tend to ramble on and use a low tone of voice which in turn makes them appear less confident. It’s best to speak clearly and slowly. Take your time to articulate your sentences and giving yourself more time will allow you to use better word choices which will make you seem more confident and even smarter.

If you tend to talk very timidly then practice at home speaking clearly with a loud voice until it becomes second nature.

4.) Don’t Fidget

Fidgeting is an obvious indicator of being uncomfortable and hesitant. The good news is that most people fidget in one way or another. Most people don’t even realize it.

Some people may flail their hands about when speaking or they might constantly shift their weight from side to side. When interacting with people, try to stand still and only move when it’s appropriate.

A good tip is to practice speaking with a close friend and ask them to identify any quirks you may have that you haven’t noticed.

5.) Allow Silences

Yes, there is such as a thing as awkward silences. But too many people interpret silence, especially when first meeting people, as “awkward.” That isn’t always the case. Learn to use silences to your advantage.

For example, when you finish an important sentence or a story end the conversation with a long pause to let it sink in. Allow beats between your conversations with others to let them know you listened.

Don’t neglect silences.

6.) Keep your hands visible

Make sure to keep your hands visible and marginally active during conversations. But don’t betray rule number four!

Use your hands to articulate certain words with deliberate actions. Just don’t go too overboard. Don’t hide your hands in your pockets or cross your arms. Keep them visible.

Depending on the situation, use your hands to offer occasional moments of touch. This is especially important if you're in a situation where you want to flirt and maintain a sense of confidence.

7.) Take Big Steps

When you enter, exit, or move around the room take wide surefooted steps with every move. Don’t move in a hurry or frantically. Take slow, deliberate, and strong steps to appear confident so that everyone in the room will notice you.

Remember that we’re all not confident 100% of the time. The great thing about pretending to be confident is that eventually, you’ll even trick yourself into actually being confident. The more you practice appearing confident the quicker and more natural you’ll become at it,

With your newly found confidence, you’ll be able to speak more articulately, command attention, and be respected.

Listen to The Geeky Gentleman Podcast Episode 30: Black Panther Recast & 7 Tips To Increase Self-Confidence here!

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