It's time the MCU brought back Quicksilver to join the Avengers in their next adventure!

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I like Aaron Taylor Johnson as Quicksilver. Fans only got a glimpse of the hero in the MCU way back in Age of Ultron before his way sudden demise after saving Hawkeye's life. It would be a waste of an epic character if the MCU didn't bring him back.

It's safely assumed that the MCU killed Quicksilver very quickly because at the time of the character's introduction 20th Century Fox still owned the rights to mutants in films. But Marvel Studios was fighting this because the twins were longer-standing members in the Avenger comics versus X-Men.

So after a long battle between Marvel Studios and 20th Century Fox on the usage of the characters of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, it looked like they decided each to walk away with one of them. 20th Century Fox got Quicksilver and Marvel Studios got Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver with the promise of killing off the character to not compete with Fox's Quicksilver. But that has all changed now because Marvel Studios has gotten the film rights back for the X-Men.

Which means they can bring back Quicksilver!

With all the recent buzz around the Scarlet Witch getting a huge focus in Phase 4 with her own Disney+ series WandaVision and appearing in Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness - Phase 4 seems like the perfect time to bring back her twin brother. Let's discuss some ways that the MCU can bring back Quicksilver into the MCU!

1.) The Regeneration Cradle

The cradle was introduced in Age of Ultron and created Vision's body out of vibranium and living tissue. Also, it was used to heal Hawkeye's injury after the battle at the beginning of the film. Is it possible that the cradle could help someone like Quicksilver - especially with his "increased metabolism" if he was put there quickly enough?

All it takes is an easy flashback to explain what exactly happened to Pietro's body after his supposed death in Age of Ultron. Perhaps he was revived without the knowledge of his sister or the Avengers and has been hiding in the background or off doing some solo adventures. Either way, the Regeneration Cradle could be part of the mystery solved in his resurrection.

2.) Scarlet Witch Resurrects Her Brother

In my prior podcast, I discussed some theories of what we could see from Wanda's escalating powers. You can listen to that podcast here:

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If we follow along with my theories, Wanda's powers could grow to such proportions that she begins messing with reality and the multiverse itself. What if she fractures reality/the multiverse by bringing back her dead brother?

Wanda has experienced so much loss already with the loss of her parents, her brother, and now her lover Vision. What if the recent death of Vision has her reeling in the memories of her lost brother and - whether consciously or unconsciously - revives him?

The return of Quicksilver to the MCU via his sister's growing powers would give more character dynamics to explore between Wanda and Pietro.

3.) Hulk Snapped Him Back

In Endgame, Hulk puts on the Iron Man Infinity Gauntlet to bring back everyone who was dusted in Infinity War. Towards the end of the film, Hulk tells Captain America that he even tried to bring back Black Widow when he snapped his fingers. That didn't work obviously because of the soul for soul stone deal.

But what exactly was going through Hulk's mind when he snapped his fingers?

We're assuming that he wanted to bring back everyone who was dusted in Infinity War. But, he also wanted to bring back Black Widow. You have to remember that when you put the gauntlet on it looks like it hurts like hell - so keeping coherent thoughts, much less multiple thoughts, would be extremely hard.

What if his sole thought was to bring back everyone who the Avengers had lost in their many battles? That would cover bringing back Black Widow while also covering everyone who was dusted in Infinity War - plus Quicksilver!

That means Quicksilver has only recently been revived and would be coming back to a world almost a decade after his death. We could see Quicksilver searching for his sister only to find her just in time to bring her back from the edge of the "madness" of her growing powers! Talk about a sibling reunion.

I would hate to see such a fun and enduring character as Quicksilver go to waste within the MCU. I think Phase 4 would be the perfect time to bring him back into the MCU fold as he can help keep Scarlet Witch grounded as she slowly starts edging towards a possible House of M story arc.

What do you guys think? Would you like to see Quicksilver back in the MCU?

Listen to The Geeky Gentleman Podcast Episode 13: Quicksilver Back In The MCU & The Perfect Morning Skincare Routine here!

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