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Mindfulness and meditation. Two things I’m sure you’ve heard of, read about and even tried yourself over the last few years. With new scientific research and a surge in interest around all things wellness, these practices are more popular than ever.

But what do they really mean? And more importantly, how can they help us? Especially in the current climate we find ourselves.

There are multiple studies that have shown both practices can positively impact our mental and physical health – whether it’s by reducing stress, improving sleep, increasing focus or improving relationships. The research shows that mindfulness and meditations work.

Today I welcome Louise Boyd to the podcast – a practicing yoga teacher, mindfulness advocate and wellness coach – to help us understand more.

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Out of Office: Unusual Circumstances is of course about travel, but it's also about community, solidarity, and supporting mental health. Travel is just the thread that binds us. Even now, in these tough times, our incredible community are reaching out beyond their borders, dreaming, reminiscing, and giving each other hope.⁣⁣

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