Getting into that summer spirit!

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London is definitely being moody with the sunny weather this year. One day warmth and sunshine and the next day just cold and rain. But on those lucky days where it feels like summer is around the corner, this outfit came out in full swing.

This season I was on the hunt for some khaki shorts! But I wanted a pair that was fitted - none of this cargo shorts business. Since it was a very warm day I paired it with a navy linen button-down shirt and matching navy blue sandals.

To lug around all my stuff was this tan leather book bag. I was really keen on this specific style of bag because it still felt like it had a vintage feel versus your more modern-styled bags.

To accessorize the look, I added a gold bangle, a gold ring, and a pair of gold-rimmed sunglasses!

An easy, comfortable, and stylish gentleman's summer look!

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