Talks between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have come to a halt!

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Okay, I'm pissed! Marvel Studios just got the rights back to X-Men and Fantastic Four but now it's reported that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have failed to come to a financial agreement for the Spider-Man franchise.

That means that the Tom Holland / Spider-Man who bounces between his solo Sony films and the MCU is dead in the water - at least for the time being.

The initial agreement between Sony Pictures and Disney (which is the parent company of Marvel Studios) was that Disney received in the range of 5% of the first dollars grossed of the Spider-Man films.

But Disney asked that any future films starring Tom Holland would be a 50/50 co-financing arrangement and Sony wasn’t having any of it.

Also, Deadline reported that Kevin Feige would no longer be able to produce Spider-Man films - essentially eliminating Marvel’s involvement in any future films with the character.

Personally, I think it’s fair that Disney wants to go in 50/50. It’s not like Disney needs more money but up until their involvement, Spider-Man was well on the way to being a ruined franchise just the way 20th Century Fox killed the X-Men films.

Now, some people out there that would disagree but the Sony Spider-Man films started to suffer creatively and financially since Spider-Man 3.

With that track, record Sony would have driven the franchise into the ground like we’ve seen with the likes of the Batman films in the 90s and the X-Men films just recently.

But of course, with the help of Disney - they were able to bring back Spider-Man in a huge way.

The recent film Spider-Man: Far From Home crossed the $1 billion milestone just recently and I’m sorry Sony but that is only due to the creative assistance of Marvel Studios. They found the proper character tone for Peter Parker with Tom Holland and by putting him firmly in the MCU.

Sony believes that they have their hand on the pulse of comic book movies with the success of Venom and Into the Spiderverse but in my opinion, they were lucky with those.

They have another Spider-Man villain film Morbius on the way but if Sony doesn’t agree with Disney I’m so ready to boycott all the Sony Spiderman-esque films.

This is very disheartening for fans because Spider-Man has already been established as the successor to Iron Man in many ways and we were ready to see what the wall-crawler would do next. Especially now that his secret identity has been blown.

If you’re wanting to take a proactive approach to help Sony realize their mistake you can tweet like hell. Hashtags like #SonykilledSpiderMan and #BoycottSony are already trending.

It’s always about money so if you want Sony to hurt then don’t go see any of their films while tweeting that it’s because they won’t work with Disney on future Spider-Man films.

It’s unclear if negotiations are still ongoing or what this means for the third film in the Spider-Man trilogy which Tom Holland is still contracted to do. So make sure to make your voices heard so that Sony knows what all the fans knew from the very beginning - GIVE IT BACK TO MARVEL!

Here’s hoping Disney has something smart up their sleeves with keeping the Tom Holland character in the MCU. Maybe he can use his Night Monkey persona from Far From Home or better yet just have him already be the new Iron Man!

Listen to The Geeky Gentleman Podcast Episode 14: Sony Kills Spider-Man & My New Favorite Menswear Brand here!

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