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The past few months have seen the world come to an abrupt halt. Even as some countries emerge from lockdown, the changes have affected so many of us, including curtailing our creativity. It’s likely that we won’t be picking up our cameras and jetting off to new shores any time soon. Instead, it’s time for us to take on a new challenge and capture our local adventures from the streets, coasts, mountains and cities that surround us. It’s time to excite the rest of the world about our world, and show them what they have to look forward to when this is all over.

This is what GoPro’s #HomePro Challenge is all about – inspiring their community to stay curious and bring the best of their home turf to the rest of the world. In this episode, we team up with GoPro and chat to Spain-based GoPro ambassador Dan Suárez about sparking creativity from home.

Dan shares his advice on pushing yourself creatively, creating mindful content via local adventures and upskilling during this time. He shares the importance of visual storytelling and the role we all play as content ambassadors for our own countries, during a time travellers can not.

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Out of Office: Unusual Circumstances is of course about travel, but it's also about community, solidarity, and supporting mental health. Travel is just the thread that binds us. Even now, in these tough times, our incredible community are reaching out beyond their borders, dreaming, reminiscing, and giving each other hope.⁣⁣ Out of Office seeks to share these incredible stories from around the world in unique and engaging ways.