Mix and match these menswear pieces for an endless amount of perfect summer combinations!

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With the summer heat comes the challenge of dressing well while still maintaining a body that isn't covered in sweat. Most guys can find this very challenging and become the guys that only wear muscle shirts and flip-flops - but that doesn't have to be you too! Keep reading below on the must-have summer menswear essentials.

The secret is in the details and with my list below you'll be killing the summer style game with ease - and look epic while doing it.

1.) The Linen Shirt

When the heat begins to rise the goal for most people is the need to be comfortable. So when that sun is bashing down on you and the humidity is making you feel all kinds of nasty a linen shirt will be your savior.

Linen is one of the best fabrics to wear during summer because it's thin and breathes easily. So leave all the thicker cotton shirts at home and pack instead some linen shirts in the suitcase when you jet off to your summer holiday.

2.) The Fitted Flat Front Short

This should be your first immediate purchase when picking out your summer wardrobe. But it's imperative that you forget about your long cargo shorts or anything that is considered "baggy." You want them fitted. I don't mean tight I mean fitted/tailored and in a perfect world with a bit of stretch. If you're wanting to look good for summer events you need them fitted.

With shorts that have a more fitted silhouette, you can easily pair them with t-shirts and linen shirts to make a very smart combination. Go out and find the style that fits your body type and then buy them in multiple colors.

3.) The Polo Shirt

The polo shirt is one of the underrated pieces of menswear clothing. Most men opt for either a t-shirt or button-down shirt but the polo is versatile and sharp when done right.

The way to make the polo shirt work for you is to focus on the details. You need to make sure you find a proper fitted polo if you're wanting to find that gentleman style within. Experiment with different brand fits to find a polo that works for you. Here are some quick tips:

  • Make sure the sleeve seem doesn't fall below the shoulder bone.

  • The body of the shirt should be fitted enough to create a trimmed silhouette around your body.

  • The sleeve should rest at halfway along your bicep and not be too baggy or too tight.

  • The tail of the shirt should not be any longer than the middle point of your trousers/short's zipper.

4.) Loafers

If you're wanting to look smart during the summer then you need to leave your boots and tennis shoes at home and invest in some kind of loafer. Whether you go for traditional loafers, boat shoes, dressy loafers, etc. it's a summer must-have essential.

These types of footwear are perfectly accepted during almost all summer events and are always my go-to when I want to look dapper during the summer. You can easily find them in a multitude of colors so you'll have a pair to match any outfit. Just make sure to wear them with those invisible socks so that you have the appearance of a sockless look. Never wear visible socks with them - never!

5.) The Fitted Short Sleeve Shirt

Every time summer rolls around I always go off and buy some new short-sleeve button-down shirts. But like I've said when it comes to most of our summer essentials the fit is very important.

Don't go and wear a baggy short-sleeve shirt with sleeves that are obviously way too big for your bicep. You want to follow the similar guidelines to the polo shirt as stated above.

Most men just simply roll up the sleeves of their long-sleeve button-down shirts but if you're wanting more combinations than invest in some short-sleeve button-down shirts.

6.) Slim Fit Chinos

Slim fit chinos, when worn with a properly fitted silhouette, can be worn very smart or very casually. You can easily pair it with a t-shirt and smart sneakers for a casual summer day look. Switch it up and pair it with a long-sleeve linen shirt and loafers for a more evening look.

The slim fit chinos are your go-to when you go to events or places that you wouldn't want to wear your shorts too.

7.) Smart Sneakers

To add even more combinations and versatility to your summer styling you need to look into some smart sneakers. Footwear is very key when it comes to making an outfit look more casual or more dressy.

With that said, smart sneakers tend to make a look more casual. Summer is a perfect time to find a good pair of white smart sneakers as they can be paired with anything. Just like loafers, make sure to wear them with invisible socks for that fantastic summer look.

8.) Sharp Sunnies

Nothing says summer like the sun shining into your eyes. That's why it's a must that you have a pair of sharp sunglasses. But not all sunglasses are created equal. Pack away those athletic sunglasses because we're only interested in ones that vibe with your gentleman style.

To make it easy for you, the two styles you should be looking at are the Aviator and Wayfarer types. Start with these two styles and then look into modern twists to the designs.

9.) A Summer Scent

During summer, you should smell of summer. Your favorite scent that you wear during fall/winter times won't cut it during the summer. You want to look for lighter refreshing scents that have notes such as lavender, citrus, and other fruit and floral notes.

Listen to my top three favorite summer scents right here in my podcast The Geeky Gentleman!

10.) Webbed Belt

To add a bit more flair to your outfit consider wearing a webbed belt. This accessory can add depth to your overall look and compliment it. I suggest pairing colors that compliment each other versus being the same color.

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